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Kayleigh's Song Contest III (Ep. 2): RESULTS

Jan 10, 2021 by KayleighWinz

TSwiftLover13 (Lady Marmalade)
SingSongers (Prisoner)
NewNightmare7 (Valerie)
EndiessRyan (Can't Remember To Forget You)
Absol (Daisy 2.0)
TurkeyLover (Bad Bitch)


HowLovely | IU & Fiestar - Sea of Moonlight

Generic asian pop song. I would guess k-pop, but I don't care enough to look up whether it's k-pop or j-pop. MathBoy9 is the k-pop cousin, not me.

Ribbons | Kito & Empress Of - Wild Girl

It's quirky. This is a song that hipster girls in college would LOVE, but I'm just not interested. Not a bad song, but it's kinda background music to me.

HighNoon | Slayyyter & Ayesha Erotica - BFF

Ayesha Erotica could collab with anyone and it would be amazing. Sadly she chose to collab with a racist, but idc, it's still amazing bc Ayesha.

MathBoy9 | Robyn, SG Lewis & Channel Tres - Impact

This song makes me miss your eurotrash phase.

Thirteen | Rihanna & Mikky Ekko - Stay

IDK why the man is there, but Rihanna killed it. This song makes me sad even though I relate to 0 of the lyrics. I miss when she released an album every 2 seconds.

Minie | Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men - One Sweet Day

I've said this before, but I have to explain it every time someone puts in Mariah Carey. I do not understand Mariah Carey. I don't get it. IK of this song bc I heard it was #1 for like 16 weeks or some shit, but this was STILL my first time hearing it. I've heard about 4 Mariah Carey songs and they all sound exactly the same, and I hope I never have to hear another one.

The Winner of Ep. 2 of Kayleigh's Song Contest III is...

HighNoon (Even though I hate Slayyyter)


MathBoy9 (Impact)
Thirteen (Stay)


Ribbons (Wild Girl)


HowLovely (Sea of Moonlight)
Minie (One Sweet Day)

The contestant going to redemption island is...

Minie (One Sweet Day), Mariah Carey isn't music.

Minie, you still have a chance to return to the competition, and you will face NotNicky333 in a song duel next Ep.


MathBoy9 (Impact)
Sent by Singsongers,Jan 10, 2021
oh a slayyyter racist take thats a classic
Sent by Absol,Jan 10, 2021
lmao i submitted the only song i liked of mariah damn.
Sent by Minie,Jan 10, 2021

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