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Kayleigh's Song Contest III (Ep. 7: RESULTS)

Jan 19, 2021 by KayleighWinz

SingSongers (Competition)

TurkeyLover | Froglady - Temporary

I like this song, but it isn't interesting enough for me (that's the only excuse I can think of for putting you in the bottom 3 because the other songs were better).

TSwiftLover13 | Bjork - Army of Me

This is an easy choice, but I physically can't put a Bjork song in the bottom if I'm trying to honestly rank songs. This song isn't my favorite by her, but it's Bjork so nothing really compares.

NewNightmare7 | Poppy - Lowlife

Pre-Metal Poppy was cute. Great catchy song. Can't really say anything bad about it.

MathBoy9 | Farrah Abraham - The Phone Call That Changed My Life

I was expecting to hear something like Turn It Up (Jam), but instead I got something by 100 gecs. It's honestly better than I thought but this still is a mess.

Thirteen | Rose McGowan - RM486

Rose McGowan is a weird bitch, but this I didn't really like this song. I'm not a fan of whisper-singing and it sort of feels like she's trying to be an unlikable version of bjork.

HowLovely | Allie X - Catch

Allie X isn't that weird, but I do think she's weird enough to fit the category accurately. This is a pop bop and Allie X knows how to make music for white gays and I appreciate that.

The winner of ep. 7 of Kayleigh's Song Contest is...
TSwfitLover13 !!!


NewNightmare7 (Lowlife)
HowLovely (Catch)


TurkeyLover (Temporary)


MathBoy9 (The Phone Call That Changed My Life)
Thirteen (RM486)

The contestant going to the final redemption island battle is...

MathBoy9 (The Phone Call That Changed My Life), there wasn't really any bad song this round and picking the bottom 3 was annoying and made my chart look really ugly and I blame you.


EndiessRyan | Lorde - Green Light

Melodrama isn't my favorite Lorde era, but Lorde is always gonna make a bop no matter what. There isn't a Lorde song I don't like and this isn't her best, but it's definitely better than most songs.

HighNoon | ZHEANI - Skin Walker

This is VERY weird and definitely fit the category. I like the screaming, but I'm not a huge fan of this era of electronic music production where everyone sounds like they're vomiting.

The contestant leaving redemption island is...

HighNoon (Skin Walker), sorry this was very close again and every single time it's you vs. someone, it's a hard choice for me.

The FINAL redemption battle will be EndiessRyan vs. MathBoy9, and the song that wins will join in ep. 8's rankings.


YUSSSSS TY!!! I love her so much!!! Happy I got a win with her!!
Sent by tswiftlover13,Jan 19, 2021

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