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Kayleigh's Song Contest III (Ep. 8: RESULTS)

Jan 20, 2021 by KayleighWinz
FINAL Redemption:

MathBoy9 | Ellie Goulding - Lights

Iconic bop from when Ellie Goulding was indie pop and not a generic sell-out who occasionally helps people in car crashes.

EndiessRyan | ZAYN - Better

Zayn is one of the only men whose music I enjoy, but it's definitely limited to just like 3 songs on his first album. In this song he's sort of just whining in italics to me.

The winner of redemption and the contestant returning to the competition is...

MathBoy9 (Lights) !!! that was uneventful.


TurkeyLover (Like A G6)


MathBoy9 | Ellie Goulding - Lights

See above.

NewNightmare7 | Blondie - Call Me

One of the best songs from Karaoke Revolution the American Idol version. They couldn't even get Paula Abdul for the game so they got some random woman to be the 3rd judge and she always hated me, but this song is still great.

SingSongers | Black Sheep - Metric

I love the guitar in this song, but it's hard to compete with some of my favorite songs that I already love. It's a good song, but not my favorite.

Thirteen | Fabio Frizzi - Voci Dal Nulla

This is not my taste. Instrumental intense opera that sort of just stays the same throughout the song. I like creepy music but, I'm not into old people music.

HowLovely | Girls' Generation - Genie

The songs they bought off of Kesha are better tbh.

TSwiftLover13 | Bjork - Human Behaviour

Putting in the same artist twice in a row would usually penalize you, but this round is your favorite song, so obviously I can't fault you for this one. I feel like Human Behaviour is the Army of Me of Debut, but I like this song better because I relate to hating people because I'm an angsty child.

The winner of ep. 8 of Kayleigh's Song Contest is...

MathBoy9 !!! (the villain of the season)


TSwiftLover13 (Human Behaviour)
NewNightmare7 (Call Me)


SingSongers (Metric) [just like last round this is more the 5th best song than the 3rd worst]


Thirteen (Voci Dal Nulla)
HowLovely (Genie)

7th place in Kayleigh's Song Contest III is...

Thirteen (Voci Dal Nulla), thanks for playing icon. You gave me flops and bops and it was interesting hearing your music taste.


My plan was successful. I purposely chose something I knew you'd hate because I wanted out. I didn't like your music taste and couldn't stand picking songs I wasn't really crazy about to please you anymore.
Sent by Thirteen,Jan 20, 2021
thirteen iconic.
Sent by KayleighWinz,Jan 20, 2021

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