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5thJan 2, 2018 by JustMe
For a TBH

#melindamrskk TBH I don’t know you well but you seem like a cool person and we should be friends

#levonini TBH I miss being in a chat with you randomly calling me a man

#anthousai TBH I never heard of you til your vlog but you seem like a sweetheart and I enjoyed chatting with u during hunger

#FelipeS TBH you’re one of the funniest guys here and I’m glad we’re friends

#bowkane TBH you make me laugh everytime you comment on blogs and I don’t know why we aren’t friends

#Hisoka TBH you’re hilarious and I’m glad we have become friends.

#garrievans97 TBH we haven’t even spoken in ages but you’re always fun to chat with

#hints awe sweet baby hints tbh ILYSM you’re always fun to play games with but I realize now how much fun you are to chat with outside of games.

#Thirteen tbh your dark blogs and vlogs are the funniest thing about this site.

#GoodKaren TBH we should be friends and I’ve said this before. You’re a sweetheart

Sparky4444 tbh we haven’t spoken much but you’re always friendly on the blogs page & mails

xxlovewakizaxx TBH I don’t think we’ve ever spoken

Joey96 TBH ur the most underrated blogger on

Arris TBH I don’t know why you used to hate me but you are hilarious & im glad you’ve suddenly found a place in your heart for me ❤️

Blujay112 TBH idek which bluejay you are there are too many of you

deshonbannedisback TBH your username confuses me were you previously deshon? Idek

Music TBH I miss you randomly singing to me on askme that was always my favorite 

CalebDaBoss TBH I’m not sure we’ve ever had a real conversation but I’ve seen you around

AllieBoBallie TBH ILYSM and miss chatting with you.

malachite05 TBH I don’t really know you well which is weird cus we’ve both been here for ages 

Vlad21 TBH we don’t really know eachother well but we always interact on blogs you seem like a real nice guy.

BengalBoy TBH I could stay awake just to hear you breathing, Watch you smile while you are sleeping, While you're far away dreaming

MickieJames22 TBH I think you hate me and possibly took a joke the wrong way hopefully we can move forward and become friends

CutieAmy TBH next to dru you’re probably my closest friend and I wouldn’t trade you for anything. ILYSM

LuckyLefty TBH I saved you in stars and miss chatting with you, you’re fun to talk to

Oliviaxoxo TBH you’re one of the most beautiful girls here and ILYSM. We need to meet up and get some coke 😏

Paige5459 TBH you’re a sweet girl and we should def chat more.

Birks4444 TBH I don’t really know you well message me anytime :)

StarySky TBH I about died laughing when you shipped me with gagaluv yesterday. You’re a sweet girl we should chat soon

titoburitto TBH I had to check ur spelling to post ur name right and I miss chatting with you everyday and laughing with you 😞

austino15fffan TBH we havent spoken in ages but you're a good kid and fun to play games with :D

gagaluv TBH we never even talk on here anymore cus you're too busy with that beautiful baby girl and i miss you :(

Jujubee TBH I dont think we've really had a conversation outside of blogs but you seem sweet and always stay outta the drama

Johneh TBH I miss you so much! We used to chat all the time and now you wont even respond to me on snap cus you hate me irl :(

Allison TBH ILYSM one of my faves you’re fun you’re sassy you’re cute. The whole package ❤️❤️❤️

PrincessTeePee TBH we’ve never spoken much but you’re someone I’ve admired from afar. You’re a sweet girl, stay that way ❤️

NicoleF TBH your taste in music is top notch and you’re a lot of fun to chat with. Lookin forward to becoming good friends ❤️

Typhlosion37 TBH I miss you and I miss playing games with you, you have always been someone I considered a good friend and we need to reconnect soon

LittleBrother123 TBH you need to stop being so creepy for attention it’s not cute and you’re better than that, I don’t know how you got to this point but it’s not too late, stop stalking girls and go back to enjoying the site for what it’s here for.

Brxan TBH ILY you’ve been a nice guy and a good friend for a few years now and I’m glad to know you ❤️


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me sis
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Imagine being boring cant relate hisoka anthousai
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hi :)
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If you’re still updating ❤️
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Paige ❤
Sent by Paige5459,Jan 3, 2018
ME :)
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<3 Me
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:::FEMALE::: :)
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Sorry starysky fixed ❤️
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<333333 yes lets go get some coke this weekend <3 <3
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Jan 3, 2018
Oliviaxoxo ok you bring bengalboy ill bring smoothstalker12
Sent by JustMe,Jan 3, 2018
Sent by Allison,Jan 3, 2018
O k
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jan 3, 2018
LOL sounds like some great coke drinking pick u up at 8 friday night xoxo Justme
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