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Disappointed Jul 7, 2018

I'm not complaining, because, as I understand it, this is the norm for games now, but I am disappointed in the lack of good sportsmanship among some of the leading players of Tengaged.  The red nose who ate all my tribe's supplies, didn't participate in challenges or socially, and then suicided to take out another player is a move, but a distasteful move. 

And several of these leading players have red noses currently and/or had red noses during the course of my last survivor game as well.

The struggle to keep Tengaged classy one game at a time is tough. And if I didn't believe in the fight to try and make things better on this site, I might leave.

To those players who play hard, but with integrity, keep fighting the good fight.  Set an example for new players and new generations of Tengagers.
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Tengaged Makes Me Happy Jun 22, 2018
imageI am so happy Tengaged is still here!!!

With the new season of Big Brother around the corner, I was curious what was happening over on Tengaged....especially since it has passed its 10 year anniversary!  There is such a variety of games and groups and is so much more than I ever imagined!  How do you all keep up?!

It has been great chatting with some old friends, and I was humbled by the warm welcomes from some of the current members of the community.  It reminds me of why I was drawn to this site in the first place.  Thank you ALL for being part of this thriving community, whether you were here at the beginning or just recently joined.  Tengaged has a special place in my heart, so I love that it continues to engage and attract diverse, intelligent, and humorous individuals.

Two Questions:

1.  How draws you to the site nowadays?  Is it the games or blogs or shops or something else?

2. I am a little late to the game, but did the community do anything to celebrate turning 10 or is there any interest?
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Support Tengaged Radio Jan 6, 2015
imageI just wandered back on to Tengaged tonight and was pleasantly surprised to see that Jouix and sexgoddx have rebooted #TengagedRadio!  I think the energy of the show is fantastic, the interviews are fun, and the game at the end is a great idea!  Congrats to all those involved!

One of my favorite memories is hosting Tengaged Radio with IrvinIcon, Genevere, and Daisy when Tengaged was less than a year old!   Notice how none of us are above a black level?  We are THAT old school!  My favorite episode was #2.  We had a blast talking about Tengaged issues/gossip/strategy, there was an interview with @KingMac, we had live updates on #Stars enrollment (It was Stars 9, so it was fairly new and exciting!), and community members could call in and talk LIVE on the air!  Here is a little bit of Tengaged history for you:

I encourage all of you to support Tengaged Radio and all the other creative projects Tengagers have going on!   Items like Rookies, Survivor, and Fraternities were thought up and initiated by community members, so I can't wait to see how else this community will grow in the near future.  It made my night to see that this community is still thriving!
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Any Skype Games Going On? May 13, 2012
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Pilot: One of the top 10 sexiest male jobs Feb 25, 2011
imageIf you want to be sexy or fly a plane, try your hand at this game.  It is quick to play and enough of an addictive challenge you will keep coming back for more.
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Where's Waldo? Feb 20, 2011
imageI found another clever game that I chose to sponsor and wanted to share with all of you.  It has that "Where's Waldo" feel to it.  If you have an extra minute, check it out!  I think you will enjoy it!
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