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The Grand Picnic

Nov 21, 2008 by Grayson10001
imageI would like to highlight this group game that ends in the next couple days and publically congratulate Salad Fingers for creating a game as unique as his personality.  What is so standout about this game is that every challenge was infused with SaladFingers personality and focused on social graces, manners, and confections.
We had to explian why we should be invited to The Grand Picnic:  "I always place my napkin on my lap when I eat, avoid unpleasant topics that are best left for when mixed company is not present, and I butter my bread right-side up."
I thought this was clever instead of asking why should I pick you and getting the typical "I am nice" or "I will do anything to win" responses.
Poetry was a big part of this competition.  I felt this was something a bit different, because it takes a bit of thought to come up with something.  I really forced me to be creative.
My haiku about chocolate covered cherries (my fav confection):
A chocolate mound
A catacomb for cherries
What delights abound?
And my poem about The Grand Picnic:
The Grand Picnic, by Grayson10001
Upon the lawn, down by the banks
Assemble a mangerie of delights
Friends gather with laughs and jests
as The Grand Picnic begins.
Meet a friend, turn a foe
Tales of love and tales of woe
The sun starts to rest its weary head
as The Grand Picnic comes to a close.
Wayward to home I can't help but reflect
how we smiled so much, but frown at the departure
how we brought so much, but now it is gone and over
as The Grand Picnic becomes a memory.
Lest life not be a picnic, too grand to depart?
Setting our place, having our fill of loves and strifes
Until we are worn from our day's folly and return home
as The Grand Picnic reminds us how truly grand life has been.
Several competitions focused on manners.  One competition we had to tell an instance when we were well mannered.  My story was painful to tell, but I feel this was a turning point in the game for me, because I opened up my heart and let everyone in:
All through my years growing up, there was this guy who would tease me.  This went on through elementary school, middle school, and even high school!  I decided to run for class president my senior year and when giving a speech in front of the whole school, he threw food at me and everyone pointed and laughed.  I thought about making a public scene about the whole mess, but I decided to take the higher road.  I finished my speech with a simple thank you and walked off.
Later that week I invited the guy over to my house, so we could talk and I could finally get to the bottom of why he was so mean to me.  I had baked him a lovely pie, hoping to win him over with something sweet.  He finally arrived, sat down, ate his pie, and began to discuss.
Well, he was very rude.  He said I was a nerd, I was ugly, had no friends and so on.  It took everything I had, not to haul off and punch him.  One would expect me to be very unpleasant with this young man, but I was not.  All I did was inform him that earlier that day, I had killed his parents, chopped them up, and put their diced remains into a pie.  I smiled and politely asked, "Would you care for another slice?"
My favorite twist was deciding the final two.  The three of us had to pick two people to be in the finals.  The twist was that the most selfless person earned them a spot, which was IrinIcon. :)
I was fortunate to make a new friend through the process too, Xrated.
Over all, I want to thank SaladFingers for a great game that urged players to be polite and conciderate of others.  Sometimes competition can bring out the worst in us, so this was a good exercise in respecting your fellow man.
SaladFingers....there is a rumor you are leaving Tengaged.  I hope this isn't true, because you will be greatly missed.


Sent by TripleXXX,Nov 21, 2008
What an amazing blog!
Sent by Richpaca,Nov 21, 2008
Sent by Zacharyy,Nov 21, 2008
Wow!  That does sound like it was quite an unusual yet interesting game!  And you told us about it from your point of view very well!  Thanks so much for sharing! :D
Sent by Daisy,Nov 21, 2008
Plussage - Great job Grayson ;D
Sent by IrvinIcon,Nov 21, 2008
Yay :D
Supercalifreakinawesome blog.
Sent by PopBelly,Nov 21, 2008
From ur old pal Halio
Sent by Halio88,Nov 21, 2008
pluss :D
Sent by Lexxu,Nov 22, 2008
This was really fun
Thanks to SaladFingers for a such a hit 7 great PICNIC
and thanks Gray you are a great person
hope to play with you again :)
Sent by imxrated93,Nov 22, 2008

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