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Tough Issue

Sep 17, 2008 by Grayson10001
imageI was recently faced with a tough issue between me and two other friends from a past game.  There were some descrepancies in voting (as often there is in Rookie games, when you can see how many pnts each player receives for evictions) and found myself in a game of "He said, She said".  What one person had said to another was misunderstood and then misunderstood again as it passed down the 'telephone line'. 
A simple action that cleared everything up was using the mail messaging on tengaged and using the REPLY ALL feature.  That way everyone knew what everyone else was saying and if they had to explain themselves, EVERYONE saw what they meant in their own words.
As a result, I think we reached some clarity on why people had voted the way they did, everyone was held accountable for their own actions, and there was no more "he said, she said"!


If you have any other good information to share for fellow players or those who may be playing the game for the first time, please share!  I think it makes us better players all around.  Good luck in your future games!
Sent by Grayson10001,Sep 17, 2008
Don't assume voting out your friends over 'inactives' is a good idea for one it shows you're a two faced pig LOL and secondly a lot of inactive players spring to life in the latter part of the game and have allies they are relying on instead of actually posting.
You could be getting into much riskier ground without your pals than you would be without a bunch of inactives who could be scheming against you
Thats my advice!
Sent by AndyShields,Sep 18, 2008
HA HA!  I love that 'two faced pig' line!  I have to agree with you on your point of view concerning inactives.  I hope (and feel) there is a genearl shift of people wanting to take out inactives first due to some of what you state above.  Also, now that 10th places basically loses all money they spent to enter the game, I think as a community we should see the value in voting out inactives first.
Sent by Grayson10001,Sep 18, 2008
Deleted my comment? Ass!
Sent by Daniel,Sep 18, 2008
Daniel, I deleted your previous comment because it was rude and crass.  If you like I will leave this one up so people can see what a foul mouth you have.  But again, as I asked you through mail messaging, pleasae do not contact my anymore.
Sent by Grayson10001,Sep 18, 2008
Sent by Daniel,Sep 19, 2008

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