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Who's Alternate Account Are You?

Jan 10, 2009 by Grayson10001
imageSo we all know Innovative has been the king of multiple accounts for sometime now.  But it has brought to my attention we may have a new queen of mulitiple accounts....Dinaalin!
A line has been drawn and you MUST pick a side!
If you were an alternate account, who would you want controlling you?
Innovative or Dinaalin?


neither .. =D
Sent by Darren,Jan 10, 2009
innovative, because dinaalin, would be a dumbass and post her password lol XD and lose my money :"(
Sent by Bubblyangel,Jan 10, 2009
dinaalin baby!!!
Sent by Jenny_c,Jan 10, 2009
Innovative. At least his accounts don't have the same personality.
Sent by IrvinIcon,Jan 10, 2009
well except she could never control me!!! im the one who is always in control!! i just like her more than inno!! actually i have ner=ver even played or hardly talked to him
Sent by Jenny_c,Jan 10, 2009
LMAO @ Bubbly
DEFINATELY innovative
grayson i love your blogs LOL
Sent by lemon5029,Jan 10, 2009
how many accounts does she have, like lire, jenjohnson, annamarie, her's, dooneyloon
Sent by Bubblyangel,Jan 10, 2009
I have a hard time keeping track of multiple accounts.  There are others taht know better than I do.
Pretty much this is the beginning of the end.  The Tengaged Armagedeon.
Sent by Grayson10001,Jan 10, 2009
I'm on Dinaa's side.
Sent by Innovative,Jan 10, 2009
omg dinaalin i will be a total bitch to everyone =D I do not want that gross nasty lieing fake no personality touching my account
Sent by azn_dude89,Jan 10, 2009
Oooooo....that is gonna mess with my mind Innovative! HA HA :)
Sent by Grayson10001,Jan 10, 2009
innovative. matt your fucking mean.

Sent by dinaalin,Jan 10, 2009
Just got confirmation of at least 9 known alternate accounts for Dinaalin.  She has quite an army!  She might be the side to choose!
Sent by Grayson10001,Jan 10, 2009

Sent by dinaalin,Jan 10, 2009
lol at bubbly being IliTarDEd
Sent by dinaalin,Jan 10, 2009
dinaalin is a pedophile
Sent by Alisowned,Jan 10, 2009
LOL Bubbly. :D
Sent by totallymicheal,Jan 10, 2009
inovative, I don't really want to put my trust in a person giving out passwords than calling it hacking.
Sent by IamBen22,Jan 10, 2009
Sent by Laqueefsha,Jan 10, 2009
and besides dinnalin's multiple accounts just show a need for attention and trying to create different personalities coz she doesn't have one herself.
Sent by IamBen22,Jan 10, 2009 do raise a good point, IamBen22.  When concidering multiple accounts, we should take into concideration not only quantity, but quality.
Sent by Grayson10001,Jan 10, 2009
got that right Grayson, I aint just some pretty avatar.
Sent by IamBen22,Jan 10, 2009
DINA!!! :D
Sent by Pogo11,Jan 10, 2009
I would love to have an interview with both of them and all of their personalities. It would make GREAT radio!
Sent by Genevere,Jan 10, 2009
I would rather wither up and die on tengaged
Sent by ccpath,Jan 10, 2009
oooo... I DONT KNOW D:
Sent by Halio88,Jan 10, 2009
Sent by Maggie,Jan 10, 2009
DINAALIN BITCHES. or would i get hacked D:
Sent by Zacharyy,Jan 10, 2009
But, i already have some multiple accounts: vroomdeux, peenk, KitsuneInferno
Sent by Zacharyy,Jan 10, 2009
Hmmmm I'd be on Innovatives side, he needs the numbers now!
Sent by Richpaca,Jan 10, 2009
Innovative, atleast he won't give out my pw.
Sent by Conceite,Jan 10, 2009
I'd prefer to be an independant being. But more likely Innovative.
Sent by dramallama56,Jan 10, 2009
Im Dinaalin bitches, luv you all your finger banged whores
Sent by AndyShields,Jan 10, 2009
i would want no one to control me i am not a puppet
Sent by SuperNoname,Jan 10, 2009
Innovative already controls my account. *Arm jerks upwards randomly*
Sent by Vindication,Jan 10, 2009
Dinaalin also = Camille and Robertcheeseball
Sent by justinlois40,Jan 10, 2009
But of course since she can't use the excuse of "oh I live with them", they just got rednosed, LMAO
Sent by justinlois40,Jan 10, 2009
I don't understand why people make multiple accounts. I think it's quite pathetic.
Sent by OliviaSofie,Jan 10, 2009
When I joined everyone hated Innovative. I never got to meet him. But i choose Innovative
Sent by yswimmer96,Jan 10, 2009
Tough choice, tough choice.
I'm thinking I should make tons of multi's so I am the multi queen so I can pick myself :)
Sent by PopBelly,Jan 10, 2009
Sent by Nakomis,Jan 10, 2009

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