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Tengaged Economic Report

Sep 23, 2008 by Grayson10001
With the introduction of the new T$ currency, the Tengaged community has been buzzing about what this means to them, their games, and the future of Tengaged.  After some investigation it looks like it is effecting mainly two markets:  Blogging and Betting.
Blogs have increased by leaps and bounds in recent days and speculators believe the monetary incentive could be the main catalyst.  There were 34 blogs posted yesterday and a total of 33 blogs posted five days previous to that.  If membership continues to increase at the current rate, daily average blog totals are expected to reach well into the lower 40's by early October.  Even some of the Tengaged Top 20, who have previously been dormant bloggers, have been claiming a stake of their own little bit of Tengaged press.  The effect this is having on the content of blogs?  A change of scope.  While the majority of blogs pre-T$ were concentrated on in game activity, now bloggers appear to be focusing on topics pertaining to a larger audience.  Now if you plan to make a fortune blogging on Tengaged, don't expect to get rich quick.  Only about 10% of blogs have been acruing a significant amount of money. On average, I would expect to earn yourself anywhere in the range of .1T$ to .5T$ per blog.
Now moving on to betting:  Overall, there hasn't been much of an increase on the avg. amount bet per game; however, there has been an increase of single players receiving high bets.  The average bet (amount bet on game divide by the number of players) seems to trend towards 3.  One game in progress that may be record breaking in the amount of bets is Game #7213.  It seems it is mainly a handful of people betting on most of the contestants.  Who will be the biggest winners?  Everyone except those in the bottom 5.  The reason being is that 5th-1st place will get a cut of the money and those betting on the game have spread out the bets in such a way that they will see some profit. 
Should you bet your hard earned T$ on Rookie games?  It depends how much of a risk taker you are. The return on betting on Rookie games isn't large. The reason being, there isn't much risk involved.  If you bet on someone that finishes in the bottom half of the ranks, you lose your money.  If you bet on someone that ranks in the top half, you get your money back or make a profit.  So in general, you can flip a coin to see if you will make any money.  If you want to make the big bucks, you are going to have to take a larger risk, which means putting all your eggs (or at least a lot of them) in one basket....and hopefully they don't all crack.
As for the future of the $T, most expect the value to increase in the coming weeks.  With the announcement of a new shop opening and the promise of new items to purchase, many predict that Tenagers will find their T$ more important than ever.
My advice: Blog a little, vote/post on other blogs, and don't be voted out first in a Rookies game.  Save your T$ until the store opens and see what is has available.  If you love something you can purchase it and if not, there is always betting on rookie games to amass a fortune.


If you don't mind I posted it on Tengaged blog.
Sent by randomize,Sep 23, 2008
Betting isn't that big of a risk, sometimes if you watch carefully assess what's going on you can easily bet on 3 or 4 who will 90% of the time reach the final.
But I'm tight so I rarely do it XD
Brill blog though
Sent by AndyShields,Sep 23, 2008
Thank you Randomize and AndyShields for the positive feedback.  And I agree with you Andy on your 'risk assessment' (HA HA).....if you know some of the players or watch what is going on in the game on the first day, you can increase your odds of winning.  I guess kinda like at the race track when different horses have different odds of winning.....not that we are all animals....HA HA.
Sent by Grayson10001,Sep 23, 2008
excellent blog, are you tengageds new econmics guy?
Sent by Zacharyy,Sep 23, 2008
Awesome, Grayson!
Sent by Vindication,Sep 23, 2008
awesome, u can be our economical updater.
Sent by borisbona,Sep 23, 2008
Sent by Kathreya,Sep 24, 2008
Wonderful work, baby. It's like having our very own Forbes magazine.
Sent by Francine,Sep 24, 2008

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