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STARS 8 Dream Team!

Dec 31, 2008 by Grayson10001
imageHello Stars Fans!
We've all been having a lot of fun in 'STARS 7 Dream Team' this week, so please come on in and see the current contesants' rankings.
Registration has just opened for STARS 8 Dream Team!  If you are not a member of the STARS 8 cast, you are eligible to participate!  Registration is on a first come basis.  I can only have a max of 20 contestants, but will start a waiting list beyond that, because people may drop out or end up in the STARS cast!
Some perks of joining STARS 8 Dream Team:
*It is only a week long!
*Once your Dream Team is decided, all you do is check your ranking! 
*No waiting for other players to complete a task or voting!
*It's a good way to keep up with the STARS 8 game and cast!
As a quick explination, contestants will pick 3 STARS castmates out of the 16, to make a "DREAM TEAM".  Points are awarded/deducted based on nominations, evictions, and special bonuses.  For more information and to enroll, please visit the link below!


Like I said before, this sounds fun.
Sent by IAmPaxton,Dec 31, 2008
Sounds like the Big Brother Fantasy League they had a couple of years ago!
Sent by Alyssa,Dec 31, 2008
Sounds fun! I will be on vacation :(
Sent by Emmaleigh,Dec 31, 2008
Definitely sounds fun, but I probably wouldn't be able to catch up. Stars gets boring to watch after a while. :(
Sent by totallymicheal,Dec 31, 2008
....Ohyyyeaaahhhhh (+)
Sent by totallymicheal,Dec 31, 2008
Sounds fun, I should be able to play as I'll be home by the time Stars 8 begins :)
Sent by Richpaca,Dec 31, 2008
i signed up =)
but once again i may enroll for stars!
Sent by rippyroo,Dec 31, 2008

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