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New Survivor Tribe Forming!

9thFeb 2, 2011 by Grayson10001
imageHey Tengaged!

We have a new Survivor tribe starting up.  My hope is that it will truly be a random assortment of people (or as random as we can make it) so it will be close to what the game is like.

Please no premades, not a lot of "VIP" levels.  Just looking for a group of people who enjoy the game of survivor and would like to meet some new people on the site!

Bring a competitive spirit and a good attitude!


Sent by Maggie,Feb 2, 2011
I'll join later. I don't want to go up agaisn't bluestar's tribe.
Sent by MrAlexD,Feb 2, 2011
I understand, Alex.  It would be intimidating going up against that tribe of Tengaged royalty.  It's more about the experience and meeting people, or at least, I hope that is the focus of this tribe! :)
Sent by Grayson10001,Feb 2, 2011
Sent by Timster,Feb 2, 2011
i would join if i had time to play survivor now :[
Sent by lemon5029,Feb 2, 2011
goodluck against bluestar =)
Sent by Johnny7,Feb 2, 2011
GL bud
Sent by Sash,Feb 2, 2011
you are so cute :)
Sent by Chemicalali,Feb 2, 2011
I joined alone and I am definitely not VIP lol
Sent by StevieWild,Feb 2, 2011
Grayson :).

Would join but i don't have any time to play it :(.
Sent by azn_dude89,Feb 3, 2011
Thanks for trying to keep the old spirit of the games alive during these dark times in tengaged history. :p
Sent by andychuck08,Feb 3, 2011
Hii grayson:)
Sent by Laqueefsha,Feb 3, 2011
I would love to join =)

I just bought orange, and I'm saving up some money for survivor =)
Sent by Snowballini,Feb 3, 2011

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