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Day 2: Group comes to consensus about inactivity

Aug 31, 2008 by Grayson10001
With nominations looming, the houseguests decided to throw a toga-rave party to lighten the mood.  It was great to see people enjoying the game and created some comradare!  When nominations were announced it was a bit celebratory, but anxious because this is the first game for a lot of us, but it also hit home that we were going to vote out someone from our cast.

The nominees and some of my thoughts:
(1) Siobhan-she has played in other games and started this game, so I was suprised that she had not been more active in the beginning.  However, she has really come around and started talking to others, which I appreciate.
(2) Tinkerbell-she was here the beginning of the first day, but hasn't been around much after that.  She does seem to have some cool interests.
(3) AnthonyA- I'm not sure he has been on at all since he registered, which surprises me, because he has done well in other games. 

After some general discussion with the castmates it seems like we came to a consensus that inactivity doesn't deserve to stay in the game.  I feel fortunate that a lot of my castmates feel the same way I do about players not participating.  It doesn't make sense to me to join a social game and not get to know the people around you. In my opinion we have a great cast with a variety of backgrounds and experience, and the discussions we have fun are insightful.  I am really looking forward to the rest of the week!


Sounds like your playing the game, the right way. Again; not like I haven't taken out actives before actives, but still. It's more than just improving your odds of winning sometimes, great attitude and best of luck in your game.
Sent by Vindication,Aug 31, 2008

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