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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Would voice chat make a better use of time?

Sep 22, 2008 by Grayson10001
imageI was having a conversation with someone a little bit ago and realized that our comments were minutes apart.  I wonder if our time could be used more wisely with a voice chat function on Tengaged?  That may require a revamp of the more of a chat room than a bulletin board, but could add a new dimension to the sociability of the game.  What does the rest of the Tengaged community think about that?


Like talk live via cam with a player? No no no.
Sent by jeffypop,Sep 22, 2008
Sorry but so much people would suffer from this, so much people wouldnt be able to.
Sent by jeffypop,Sep 22, 2008
Thats a good idea, but the only downside to that is if people actually have mics on them, like me :/
Sent by Dylan7866,Sep 22, 2008
no, because there are things where you can play big brother with web cams and stuff, but you could do it on aim, and i dont have a web cam or mic, i bet others dont either
Sent by tyleror,Sep 22, 2008
Ah, some good points.  It probably wouldn't be good unless all players had access to mics, or as you guys brought up, webcams.
Sent by Grayson10001,Sep 22, 2008
I just feel like so much time is lost waiting for a post.  Or even video blogs would be cool.
Sent by Grayson10001,Sep 22, 2008
No Way Stupid people will just scream like idiots.
Sent by swatza,Sep 22, 2008
lol, its best just in typing LoL
Sent by Bowler23,Sep 22, 2008
I don't think it's a good idea at all. Not only would any verbal abuse be even MORE offensive... Well, think about players like Willy and michelle(forgot her whole screenname) and such who at times can get really loud... do we want to hear them screaming into a microphone or yelling in our faces on webcam??
I think it'd make a lot of people uncomfortable, not to mention people who don't have webcams, or mics, or speakers even.
Sent by Nutmeg,Sep 22, 2008
Ha Ha...Swatza you make a good point about not having to listen to people scream.  And I like that Nutmeg kinda brought up the fact of verbal would be harder to report abuse or have proof of it.  But I would like to pose another question:  Would those people who are so obnoxious be that way if they didn't have an avatar to hide behind?
Sent by Grayson10001,Sep 22, 2008
Grayson, Hell no. Its why they do it, they feel un-touchable behind there computer screens. Internet badasses.
Sent by Vindication,Sep 25, 2008

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