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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


1stJun 2, 2017 by Druhhbby2


AWWWW <3 yall are so cute you have an awesome son and you are a great mother
Sent by Hisoka,Jun 2, 2017
+15 he's cute
Sent by Rperduex11,Jun 2, 2017
Sent by ashszoke,Jun 2, 2017
Lol adorable
Sent by chibideidara,Jun 2, 2017
Sent by christossss,Jun 2, 2017
i dont think he likes her
Sent by garrievans97,Jun 2, 2017
maybe hes gay
Sent by rawr25,Jun 2, 2017
Sent by Arris,Jun 2, 2017
rawr25 read the story
Sent by Druhhbby2,Jun 2, 2017
When a boy sayd he doesn't love a girl, he doesn't love them okay
Sent by Survivor8,Jun 2, 2017
survivor8 he admitted to liking her
Sent by Druhhbby2,Jun 2, 2017
Aww he is so adorable
Sent by LuckyLefty,Jun 2, 2017
omg what a cutie
Sent by PureEssence,Jun 2, 2017
Your son has better game than me wtf
Sent by mikec51,Jun 2, 2017
OMG!! So adorable :)
Sent by virgie88,Jun 2, 2017
Sent by Marwane,Jun 2, 2017
is that my baby robert?!?!?
Sent by brookie_cookie,Jun 2, 2017
Yes brookie_cookie
Sent by Druhhbby2,Jun 2, 2017
I usually hate kids but this is SO CUTE
Sent by etaco75,Jun 2, 2017
liar liar
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Jun 2, 2017
yes! more mom and kid vids!
Sent by Piddu,Jun 2, 2017
aww THIS was cute
Sent by Darriusdabest,Jun 2, 2017
your nephew is so cute!!!
Sent by Nasidious,Jun 2, 2017
nasidious i dont have any nephews im an only child this is my son.
Sent by Druhhbby2,Jun 2, 2017
Sent by C_Shizz96,Jun 2, 2017
you sound so much like my friend aw <3 bless his heart this was cute
Sent by RyanAndrews,Jun 2, 2017
He looks like you tbh
Sent by astone929,Jun 2, 2017
icon <333333333
Sent by TayBear17,Jun 2, 2017
"i usually hate kids" - etaco75
Sent by staymellow,Jun 2, 2017
So cute
Sent by Cromatique,Jun 2, 2017
He's so handsome and adorable!! Aww this makes my heart melt
Sent by Anas,Jun 2, 2017
cuteeeeeeee omg <3
Sent by acyuta,Jun 3, 2017
aweee lol
Sent by RightToCensor,Jun 3, 2017
I saw him burning in a pic lmao
Sent by Almonds,Jun 3, 2017
if i was this kid i would be salty if I knew you did this
Sent by noah_kondon,Jun 3, 2017
Posting videos of your kid on here is bad parenting imo
Sent by Scononduders,Jun 3, 2017
Noah_Kondon I told him I did
Sent by Druhhbby2,Jun 3, 2017
This is cute
Sent by ItsAustin,Jun 3, 2017
Sent by MJFJUNE,Jun 3, 2017
omg he is so cute <3
Sent by sandym89,Jun 3, 2017

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