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Stop looking at all my blogs :) Creeper

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That skin in shops looks sunburnt Jun 26, 2021
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I haven't played Stars in a year Jun 26, 2021
I think I'm going to pop in today 😘
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Okay so i'm so fucking happy rn Jun 4, 2021
I could fucking scream..

So my goal weight was 135 lbs right and I weighed myself the other day and I was 132!!! I WENT FROM 161 TO 132!!!!!

I decided to try on my jeans I bought before I got pregnant the last time and they FINALLY FITTTT!!

Just look at this transformation.
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❓⁉️ QUESTION ⁉️❓ May 23, 2021
Does anyone else have problems with picturing things in their mind?

Like when I close my eyes and think of something I only see black and I can't see pictures or words or anything at all.

What's wrong with me? 😅🙃
Points: 45 7 comments
To the MF mooooon 🚀🌙 Apr 15, 2021
Points: 90 8 comments
Finally remembered my password Apr 11, 2021
Has anything changed? Lol
Points: 307 16 comments