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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is logan h aka Hoop

I am a loyal ally and very friendly and willing to accept all spam, no matter who it is

Bvance1212 Honestly you’re such a great person and you’re someone to be appreciated. I love the way you play ggs and I love the brants you do. Don’t change king
Bigben1996 I think SuitMan's Barbados was likely the most we've ever spoken in a game. You're a good ally but I think people look down at you as a player for not being the biggest name in the room. Always swell to be around.
Hero of the Season goes to
Logan Hooper

Thats right the 2nd boot was the most heroic out of all y'all. None of you were even the slightly most heroic in anyways that I can tell. The only one heroic cast member was the one who sacrificed his game for loyalty. Congrats on winning hero again.
Hero of the Season

Always looking to keep things civilized and respectful, this player did everything they could throughout their stay on the island to play above a certain moral line. Giving the benefit of the doubt to others, expecting the best out of his competitors, and trying to win using an old-school approach to the game are just some of the facets of this hero. My suggestion to this player would be to play with less weight on the idea of playing with integrity and more weight on the idea of playing to win, no matter the costs. Either way, every time I watch this dude play, I'm surprised to see how underutilized he is as an ally. Perhaps the most trustworthy player of the season, Wuyishan's Hero of the Season is Hoop [lhooper902976]!
Hero of the Season is LOGAN

Dude had to take constant shit/targeting from Christian/John, arguably 2 of the strongest players in the game, and scrapped/worked his way to the end.
Survivor India Season 1 Winner by 3-2-1
Survivor Seek and Destroy winner by the host officially naming me after too many people left and having the advantages to win.
Jaybirdnifty's BB winner
Tengaged Total Drama Action hosted by Jacko308 Winner as Owen
MrRobzilla's Heroes vs Villans Season 2 winner by all to 1
Survivor Philippines blog survivor winner by 3-2-1
Lew's BB USA Season winner by 4-0, 3 jurors didn't vote
True Citizens winner by 2 to 1 votes over Max
Fire Survivor Season 2 Ireland Winner and hero of the season, went to every tribal
Burger' s Survivor Burgerland 2nd place lost to Jimmy in a 2-2(3)-2 vote .Honey was deciding vote. Hero of the Season and best rivalry against Brad.
Cereal's BB 2nd place Comp Beast lost to Paul 1 to 2
Dono's Survivor Fans vs Failures 10th/16 eoe was in play
Dono's Survivor Iceland 12th/16
Mac an Liam's Survivor Pripyat 2nd place received 3 votes to win
Mac and Liam's Survivor All Stars 8th/24
Crashpad Peak Precision 2nd place Hero of the Season
Hero of the Season: Logan. One thing I admire about Logan is that he’s fighter. Throughout the season, Logan was pretty under the radar. However, he was always involved in strategic conversations. When Dylan targeted him, he had strong enough bonds to turn the tables. He also won some key challenges towards the end of the season to earn his spot in the final.
Cereals Survivor 9th
The Immunity Game The Final Reckoning 3rd
M Survivor 1 Reborn Island 6th Underdog of the Season
M Survivor 3 Nepal: Veteran vs Newbies 5th place Underdog of the Season Favorite Returnee Award Jasoi Award winner, tied with Yandere
M Survivor All Stars 7th First to 100 days
Survivor City Valencia 8th nom for best confessionals winner of underdog of the season
Survivor Somoa 5th Most Robbed Player
BBUK Summer of Secrets 3rd
Link's Survivor India 6th
Suitman Big Brother 7 5th
Survivor Japan 3rd Hero of Season and Most competitive
Ferdi's Survivor 3rd Villain of the season
Survivors Easter Island 7th Villain of Season for having returnee cockiness. Host's pick to win
The Draft 2 Cross breeze originally 11/13 and got 8/13 thanks to gate Winner of Best Bromance with Jay
Survivor Borneo last prejuror
BBUK Kingdom of Ice Evicted 3rd, returned, and got 3rd Player of the Season
Vlad's Survivor Antigua 4th lost fire making challenge
JB Survivor Machu Pichu 6th
BB Summer of Twist 7th
Survivor Italy 10th
Big Ben Survivor Comoros 3rd Hero of the Season
Castle 2nd place lost final duel against Tim
Wolven's Saw Story 1 of 2 survivors
Scream Genesis died at 7 by a death poll
Mud's Survivor Germany 14th
Noah's Survivor Russia 18th Winner of sweepstakes
DB's Stars Season 2nd place
The Power Struggle Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty 2 7th place
The Power Struggle Last Chance 3rd place
The Power Struggle Vetos 2nd place
Anna's BB Final 2 2nd place 2 votes to 5 votes
Benlinus Survivor Raja Ampat 2/17 Received 3 votes to win
Bridge's BB 6th place
Tengaged Challenge 7th
Cereal's Challenge 2nd place
L and J's Survivor Uganda 7th place Hero of the Season
Kolby's Survivor Haiti 4th place fire making challenge
Survivor New Forest 11th place pre-merge player of the season
Purple Survivor Dasht El Kavir 12/16
Purple Survivor Makkah and Madinah 13/18 Premerge player of the season

Hoop has been screwed over both times he's played and I think that at the very least he deserves this. He played a adept game up until his boot, and I think he still went down fighting and trying as hard as he could. If we reform tribes early, I truly do believe he makes merge, and who knows what goes on from there.
Lew's BB Season 1 13-15th
Dmpwb's Ultimate Challenge 13th, originally 24th but, won way back in the game

Hoop, your nickname is "Comeback Kid". Ever since you were evicted first, you never stopped sending post eviction confessionals and waiting for your time to return. You stayed hopeful and I was devastated when you left so soon again after returning. It was great to see all the effort you gave :)
First ever successful idol play and I was the sole vote
Clash of the series
I am currently working on CBS Season 3
Big Brother Summer of Screams Winner LiukBB
Big Brother Battleground Winner Me2013
Survivor Ireland Winner TaraG
CBS Winner Me2013
The Clash of The Series Winner Firex Gifted exactly after season was over.
CBS Season 2 Winner Wade
Survivor Ghost Island winner: Nopalito
Big Brother Season 3 Return of the Summer of Screams Winner: Joco
The Clash of the Series 2 Revenge of The Fallen Winner:Wade split his up to 500 ts gift between Tris and Yoshi. Both gifted 6 days after on 9/11
Big Brother Season 4 Tales of Tomorrow Tris
Season 5 Big Brother Crusade Rookies Vs Second Chancers Joey
Fasting Wins 1
Casting Wins best 2nd place
Frookies Wins best 3rd place
Rookies Wins 1
Survivor merges 1
People who owe me a gift: FireX X2
People I owe a gift

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