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Link's Survivor Viewers Lounge!

Welcome to the Viewers Lounge!  This is the place for anyone who wants to discuss what is going on in the current season of Link's Survivor without influencing the game!

------------Current Season------------

Generation 3 - Iceland

Main Group:

Generation 1:

Generation 1 wiki:


No leaking ANYTHING discussed in the Viewers Lounge.  Consider this just like Las Vegas, what happens in the VL stays in the VL (unless you catch gonorrhoea, that is going with you).

If anyone does leak anything I will hunt you down and gouge out your eyes with a rusty spoon!

---------------Previous Results---------------

Generation 1:

Season 1: Pearl Islands Winner - epstar59
Season 2: Cook Islands Winner - porschefan101
Season 3: Tocantins Winner - LoganWorm
Season 4: Palau Winner - Sunslicer2
Season 5: The Amazon Winner - CK11
Season 6: Iceland (Fans vs Favs) Winner - Leli14
Season 7: Galapagos Winner - Chilltownbb7
Season 8: Thailand Winner - Bluejays96
Season 9: All Stars Winner - Leli14
Season 10: Japan Winner - Renegade268
Season 11: Egypt Winner - Gaiaphage
Season 12: Alaska Winner - Chastain
Season 13: BT -The Shifting Isles - dfalc7
Season 14: Cape Three Points - Chastain
Season 15: The Australian Outback - Zuelke
Season 16: Vietnam - Sicnarf2789
Season 17: Second Chances - Jxhn
Season 18: Marquesas - Giraffez
Season 19: Madagascar - Andejene
Season 20: Tristan da Cunha - Oldnewz
Season 21: Heroes vs Villains - FlamingJoe

--------Generation 2--------

Season 1: Pearl Islands - Jared242
Season 2: Iceland - Lifer107
Season 3: Peru OhNatalie

--------Generation 3--------

Season 1: Galapagos - Chastain
Season 2: India - IRandomal123
Season 3: Samoa - Survivorfan37

Current cast:

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Link's Survivor Viewers Lounge!

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