Fraternity Keeping it Real

A Frat History

>> Rob and Me(2013) started this frat together - wanting a place to hang out and keep in touch with friends.

>> It isn't about winning, but about supporting each other in games, blogs, competitions and generally just being there to help each other thru all the shit that comes with this site.

An Introduction

♠ This is a frat mostly composed of group game members, but we welcome any fun, intelligent and "real" members of Tengaged. Above all else - remember to enjoy the game.

♠ We do not have any official rules about keeping loyal to each other in games, as the group game scene is very competitive, but obviously a frat based on trust is a healthy frat, and that aspect is encouraged.

♠ I advocate the starring of all existing members so we are all equal.

♠ "Keeping it Real" refers to being yourself and being relaxed. Take the game seriously, but never yourself.

Private Comments

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Public Comments

  1. StarBurstsMe2013 is a gender fake named Mike!!!
  2. StarBurstsSTUPID FRAT does not KEEP IT REAL because Me2013 is in it and she is a big fat liar THUNDERCUNT!
  3. JivelinLeFabnesshi i'm jive and i keep it real
  4. haycsclairDunno why I got removed from the frat.
  5. BandnerdI love several people in this frat I’d love to be in it
  6. xMountain22xCan you star me in? Thanks
  7. MrsBPlease star me back
  8. SunfireWow. I left this frat, and it was revamped
  9. Me2013_
  10. SteakTheGuyI really want to join this frat cause I hated my other frat
  11. Bjorn3 more votes, guys :)
  12. BjornI'm fratless so if you wanna help a guy out, it'd be appreciated :)
  13. EmberMoonif you know any family or friends needing a part time or temp job look here some of the jobs even have great benefits!
  14. colfives@me2013 join back!
  15. lhooper902976Surprise Mel, told you wouldn't guess it.

President of Keeping it Real

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 2

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