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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Garrett

Liam and Hufus 🇦🇺🇧🇷
My bois #TriContinental

April 2, 2020 - February 17, 2021

When your "political views" result in the suffering and oppression of human beings, they are not political views—they are moral choices. Human rights are not up for debate and not "just your opinion".

🌴Co-Host of H&G's Survivor🌴

S1: 🇧🇷Brazil🇧🇷 Liam (lliiaamm)
S2: 🇦🇺The Australian Outback🇦🇺

First game on Tengaged:
Fasting: August 14th, 2013; 3rd Place

My favorite Big Brother players are Dr. Will Kirby #Chilltown and Dan Gheesling.

Favorite Survivor players are Boston Rob, Amber, Parvati, Jeremy Collins, Kim Spradlin, Tony Vlachos, Kelley Wentworth, Ethan Zohn, Cirie Fields

{Survivor Group game history}
BHDS Survivor: The Amazon—2nd (Runner-up, 4-2-1)
(First group game I ever played)
Emotion's Survivor: Africa—5th
(Second group game I played )
DC's Survivor: Venezuela—12th place—inactive
JB's Survivor: Peru—3rd place (Second runner-up, 4-2-1)
Pokepat's Survivor [S3]: Madagascar—3rd/18 (Second runner-up, 5-3-1)
Pokepat's Survivor [S5]: All-Stars—9th/20
~Nominated for most disappointing or something like that. Oof
Mud's Survivor [S10]: Germany—9th/20 rip
Mud's Survivor [S12]: Tasmania—16th/24 flop :(
WANJ Survivor [S7]: Australia—4th/18
~Tied for fan favorite
~Fantasy MVP Award
~Considered for Hero of the season
~Considered for Player of the season
WANJ Survivor [S9]: Greenland—{SOLE SURVIVOR} 1st/16 (2-1-1)
~Player of the Season
~Villain of the Season—tied with Ikah, Jay, and Marto
~Challenge Competitor of the Season—won 5 challenges
~Fan Favorite
~Fantasy MVP Award
~Ranked 4th best winner out of 9 series winners
Zombie’s Survivor [S4]: Isla Nublar—2nd (Tied for runner-up, 5-1-1)
~Most Entertaining Award
~Challenge Beast Award—Won six Immunity Challenges
~Best Alliance of six Award
~Nominated for Villain of the season
~Hall of Fame Candidate
"Garrett won a lot of challenges and was responsible for himself getting to the end and not anyone else. He narrated a lot of the season and will be remembered as one of the centerpieces of it."
Zombie’s Survivor [S5]: Zombie Island—12th/28
~Nominated for Hero of the season
Vlad's Survivor [S3]: Antigua and Barbuda—7th/20
Dana's Survivor [S3]: Africa—5th/18
~Hero of the Season
Kolby's Survivor [S12]: Malaysia—4th/18
~Hero of the Season
"This season was extremely hard to define hero-villain lines, but with Garrett being a strategic and physical underdog coming into the merge, loyal to his true allegiances and allies, like Eli and sticking to them fighting time after time avoiding the chopping block nearing the end, with only Individual Immunity wins saving him from the larger majority, breaking the record of consecutive Individual Immunity wins in three, one away from tying with Zac, Dan and Dono for the most wins in a season Garrett wins Hero of The Season!"
hellomynameis347 - "Garrett was the highest-scoring player in the fantasy game, just throwing that out there"
RL10's Survivor [S2]: Egypt—{SOLE SURVIVOR} 1st/15 (1-0)
~Biggest move of the season
Cutthroat Survivor [S2]: Phonsavan—6th/18
"After playing a social game that few could top, this player had friends all over the tribe. But when his best friend Brittany was voted out, he was exposed and it was only a matter of time before he would join Brittany at Ponderosa. It's Juror #6 Garrett!”
you had the best social game of the season hands down. if brittany doesn't get voted out, you probably win the season. it's like lima took your place when you were eliminated
~Hero of the Season
"Garrett pulled something off I’ve seen rarely successfully done. He played both sides almost entirely unscathed. At the end of the day, when he did choose a side, he ended up in the minority, but this stand up heroic player gave it his all! Congrats!”
Cutthroat Survivor [S15]: Skeleton Coast—7th/18
L and J’s Survivor [S4]: Brazil—3rd/18
~Player of the Season
~Host Favorite (Josh)
~Smartest move of the season (Jorge and I got out a dangerous duo at Double Tribal Council)
~Nominated for Villain of the season (My boi won it)
M&N's Survivor [S19]: Brazil—6th/16
Jive's Island Survivor [S2]: Nicaragua: Idol Trios—8th/18
~Move of the Season
Idoling out someone while getting all (3/4) of my tribe's votes. lmao
Chillum's Survivor [S1]: Jamaica—4th/16
M's Survivor [S2]: Mongolia—13th/16...Inactive
M's Survivor [S5]: Redemption Island: Flops vs Newbies—{SOLE SURVIVOR} 1st/16 (5-2)
~Redeemed Flop
~Ranked 2nd/6 winners
"2nd. Garrett, One of my favorite winners. Played great. Won 5 immunities in a single season breaking any previous record"
~Added into Hall Of Fame
"He came into the season to erase the flop from his titles and he did. Had a incredible season, winning 5 immunities. He will never be remembered as a flop"
Gumball's Survivor [S1]: Borneo—6th/16
~Hero of the Season
"I have given you this award because you were mostly viewed as a Hero the entire season! Whenever Clair was in danger you always protected her. Every Idol you earned, you used it on her. I think that is a Hero in my eyes. Congratulations!”
~Alliance of the Season
Trio alliance with Clair and Liam
"At the beginning of the season, you guys were running this game. I felt like if it wasn’t for the Final 10 rock draw you guys would have been the Final 3. It has been really interesting and funny watching you guys talk about strategy, emotions, and gossiping! Congratulations!”
Mac and Liam's Survivor [S1]: Mariana Islands—2nd/18 (Runner-up, 6-1-0)
~Hero of the Season
"Garrett definitely played a hero’s game and was loyal to those closest to him."
~Nominated for Player of the Season
C&A Survivor [S1]: Solar System—{SOLE SURVIVOR} 1st/19 (4-3-1)
~Nominated for Player of the season
~Best move 2-1-1 split vote
"The Pretties Alliance was in minority, but Callia had her immunity idol and she had a feeling that the 5 votes of the opposing alliance would be on her, The Pretties alliance thought someone could use an idol in the other side and they splited the votes, having an incredible result. As expected, during the tribal council, Callia played her idol and Washed from the opposing alliance also played his idol. The Pretties alliance had splitted the votes into 2 votes in Washed, 1 vote in Zach and 1 vote in Michael. Callia canceled 5 votes on her, Washed canceled 2 votes on him and, finally, we had a tie between Michael and Zach, where in the revote,Michael ended up getting the worst."
-Favorite Group Game Series (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER)-
C&A Survivor
Mac and Liam's Survivor
WANJ'S Survivor
M Survivor
Pokepat's Survivor (met my two bois because of this series)
ZforZombie's Survivor
Kolby's Survivor
L and J’s Survivor

{Big Brother Group games}
Soles Twisted Big Brother: 6th place
Online Big Brother 4: 6th place
Zombie's Big Brother [S1]: Die Hard—14th place/18
Dmpwb's Ultimate Challenge 6
10th place

My Games 134 games played

30 May, 19
29 May, 19
24 Feb, 18
24 Feb, 18
23 Feb, 18
23 Dec, 17
23 Nov, 17

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