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Congratulations to Brady/Bradyspaulding for Winning BHDS Survivor Honduras

For the 15th season of ItsOfficial's Survivor Series and the 21st and Final Season of BestHero's Survivor Series; we head to Solomon Islands. For the upcoming season; we will witness 13 of the most notorious castaways to play the game return for the ultimate test of Survival. These 13 castaways have been DRAFTED as some of the most Infamous players to play this game. Now; they all return for another shot at the title against 13 of BestHero's ALL STAR castaways. The game will begin with 2 Tribe's of 13. Every day the tribes will compete for Immunity in hopes of making it easier on themselves to make it to the end. Winners of the Immunity challenge will be safe from the threat of being voted out; while the losers will face Tribal Council where their Tribe will be forced to vote off one of their own. With TWO series clashing; which castaway will have what it takes to Outwit, Outplay, and Outlast the rest as these castaways fight for the Title for Survivor Solomon Islands - BestHero's Brigade vs ItsOfficial's Suicide Squad! 42 Days, (34)26 strangers; ONE Survivor!

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34th/21st-Josh D/Joshbb17 (Saboga) 1st person Voted Out (4-3) Day 3
33rd/20th-Barry/Blujay112 (Saboga) 2nd person Voted Out (3-3) RV (3-1) Day 6
32nd/19th-Chandler/Chandlerp1996 (Mogo Mogo) 3rd person Voted Out *Med Ev* Day 9
31st/30th-18th/17th-MC/Moondancer63 (Saboga) 4th Person Voted Out (5-0) Day 12
31st/30th-18th/17th-Max/Novamax243 (Chapera) 5th Person Voted Out (4-3) Day 12
---------------------------SABOGA DISOLVES--------------------
29th/16th - Romeo/Alwaysvictorious (Chapera/Mogo Mogo) 6th Person Voted Out (8-0) Day 15
28th/15th - Azri/Subfriend (Mogo Mogo/Chapera) 7th Person Voted Out (4-4 RV 4-2) Day 18
27th/14th - Bryan/ITy990 (Mogo Mogo/Mogo Mogo) 8th Person Voted Out (5-2) Day 21
---------------------SERIES CLASH------DAY 0--------------------------
26th/25th - Kyle122112/Kyle B. (Chapera/Mogo Mogo/Tinakula) 1st/2nd Person Voted Out (7-5-1) Day 1
26th/25th - timtimeytim/Tim "Perry" (Kavachi) 1st/2nd Person Voted Out (10-1) Day 1
24th - Zed55/Rich M. (Kavachi) 3rd Person Voted Out (10-2) Day 3
23rd - XoValentine/Ashley N. (Chapera/Mogo Mogo/Tinakula) 4th Person Voted Out (9-3) Day 6
22nd - Sahmosean/Jimbo B.  (Kavachi) 5th Person Voted Out (9-1-1) Day 9
21st - Lowki/Ben S. (Kavachi) 6th Person Voted Out (8-1-1) Day 12
20th - Maladus1/Brandan G. (Kavachi) 7th Person Voted Out (7-2) Day 15
19th - Violetx/Violet P. (Kavachi) 8th Person Voted Out (7-1) Day 18
18th - MikeyKR91/Mike R. (Kavachi) 9th Person Voted Out (5*0-1-1 RV 5-0) Day 21
17th - sportygirl22/Aria M. (Kavachi) 10th Person Voted Out (3-2-1) Day 24
16th - Jman96/Jordan (Mogo Mogo/Chapera/Tinakula) 11th Person Voted Out (5*0-5-1) Day 27
----------------------MERGE/JURY BEGINS-----------------------
15th - Beastboy/Justin L. (Chapera/Chapera/Tinakula/Guadalcanal) 12th Person Voted Out (10-1-1) Day ??
14th - Osiris/David M. (Saboga/Chapera/Tinakula/Guadalcanl) 13th Person Voted Out (6-5-2-1) Day ??
13th - Lionsden121/Tim "Chicago Tim" M. (Mogo Mogo/Chapera/Tinakula/Guadalcanal) 14th Person Voted Out (6-5-2) Day ??
12th - Jimmytv/Jim B. (Kavachi/Guadalcanal) 15th Person Voted Out (7-1-4*0) Day ??
11th - bradyspaulding16/Brady S. (Chapera/Mogo Mogo/Tinakula/Guadalcanal) 16th Person Voted Out (6-5-1) Day ??
10th - Rapidsmartypants/Hudson H. (Saboga/Mogo Mogo/Tinakula/Guadalcanal) 17th Person Voted Out (4-4-1-1 RV 4-4) Drew Purple Rock Day ??
9th - Brittney/Ethan C. (Kavachi/Guadalcanal) 18th Person Voted Out (4-3-1-1) Day ??
8th - Mearl/Mearl E. (Saboga/Mogo Mogo/Tinakula/Guadalcanal) 19th Person Voted Out (4-4 RV 5-1) Day ??
7th - Flippo135/Tom T. (Mogo Mogo/Chapera/Tinaku

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