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50 Absol, Jul 29, 2018

ill rank you (actually) based on your profile and give a bit of reasoning as to why i like it/don't like it
GoodKaren - the ezgif loadcat ALONE kinda just won you the top spot, but ur profile is full of gems. doesn't overstay its welcome while also selling the goodkaren brand very well
#SurvivorFan37 - Now, I don't have to be a psychiatrist (and I'm not) to tell you that this is an anger fueled profile, but it also illustrates something interesting. Given how he only views importance in his group game records and hate comments, and immediately dismisses mine upon statement, I can only assume that Will is a pathological narcissist who has never felt love in his life and is sub-consciously very sad.
mastropola - this is another high-quality profile. i like the text-only format and how the entire profile is just a bunch of jumps from one topic to another about your tengaged career. very iconic and brings back a lot of memories
BengalBoy - a bonafide profile artist. i'm a big fan of this much simpler profile (although your old profile was lovely too) with a cute gif and a few silly quotes. keep up the good work mate
#Halloween - your profile is an exercise in minimalism. loving the short and sweet info that also conveys a lot. kiss?
#C00LDUDE1000 - king of finally realizing his profile was too long but also saving all the iconic things from his profile while not sacrificing too much in terms of personality on his NEW profile... ugh you did snap
Blingbae - this profile is very cute. its a pretty comfortable length and your self description made me laugh cuz i relate. love the rest of the way the profile is arranged, too. i have a thing for lowercase typing. no idea what the gifs are but they're cool looking.
JonMcGillis - the only-text profile is a very nice look. makes it very simple & clean. i love how on-brand everything feels and i really might have to take a look at that tengaged discord
GrrrImABear - minimalist chic. loving it. i like the simple & quick statistics as well as the liberal use of emojis. also we love a ghetto but eloquent winner of rpdr 11
allieboballie - iconic gif, iconic user. nothing more needs to be said
Burgerman2929292 - very aesthetically intact. the choice to lead in with the christian copypasta is a fun one, i usually just see that buried into huge profiles with 80 copypastes on them and this is just a better execution of using that copypaste. otherwise im a fan of all the info/music/burger gifs. lookin foine.
mathboy9 - i like your profile because the song is good and loona is also good. everything else looks nice but your profile's gif to text ratio is kinda off
QueenOfFierce - ugh yes! glad ur back and expressing ur sexuality and royalty again. the tengaged popularity tournament was rigged against you and you..


owlb0ned thinks I'm a multi of blogs

4 SurvivorFan37, Jul 17, 2013

#survivorfan37 - I've never talked to you but I think you're Ben if not hi

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