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14 spikedcurley, Oct 9, 2018

And I'll rank whatever your comment is
Best to worst
Typhlosion37 i hate my life plz kill me xdxdxdxd
Thirteen Gregory Satan
Maddog16 I love you and your fantastic hair
FromAWindow #HelenwasPushed
ThebestlerHoh Can you spikedcurley me?
Loopspeare o r e O | O r e o
BlueStar1367 In west Philadelphia, born and raised...
HaliFord TG user HaliFord
Adeleadele Thought Potato
Memphis_Grizzlies fat
TaraG :(
Cameo from MamaTracey 17 min ago
Goodbye mama tracey
+0 pointsfrom MamaTracey 17 min ago
Password is PinkGrapes333
+0 pointsfrom MamaTracey 17 min ago
Damien never existed, you knew them before.
by me to MamaTracey 18 min ago
+0 pointsfrom MamaTracey 18 min ago
Damien does not exist
+0 pointsfrom MamaTracey 18 min ago
It's another boy mamma x
by me to MamaTracey 19 min ago
It's damien
+0 pointsfrom MamaTracey 20 min ago
Only if you guess who this is mama x
+0 pointsfrom MamaTracey 20 min ago
Do you forgive me mama x
by me to MamaTracey 21 min ago
I want password
+0 pointsfrom MamaTracey 21 min ago
Why do you not love me mamma we are #Familia remember?
by me to MamaTracey 21 min ago
+0 pointsfrom MamaTracey 21 min ago
I miss you :(
+0 pointsfrom MamaTracey 22 min ago
Do you want passwrod to this account mama Tracey? xx


Rewatching bb15

1 Coffeybean94, Sep 1, 2018

And just wanted to say


it seems like Paul

2 XxLoveWakizaxX, Jul 24, 2017

already has this season in the bag. Literally only two people are working against them and the whole house hates the Jessica & Cody.
Then we have Mark/Elena/Raven/Matt who just wait to get told what to do from Paul, neither of them show any winning potential AT ALL.
And lets be real here Josh isn't winning fuck all, Kevin is only getting America's Fav at best, and Alex is gonna get that #HelenWasPushed edit cause chink
The only real winner we had other than Paul was Christmas and Jason was paid by production to break her foot.



0 XxLoveWakizaxX, Jul 8, 2017

is anything like BBCan then Megan quitting must've ruined production plans like triple/double evictions. But with Grodner it seems as tho she makes things up as it goes. #HelenWasPushed


i used to be so obsessed with BB

1 Tigger, May 2, 2017

but i havent watched a season since BB16, although I barely watched BB16 or 15 for that matter. and I've never seen a season of BBC
like i miss obsessing over big brother and janelle but like its the same thing each season and its so biased and rigged like #helenwaspushed


Remember The

0 Mickiejames22, Mar 12, 2017

Big Brother Scandel when Production pushed Helen off. #HelenWasPushed


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