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Big Brother Rookies Game #226096

Who do you want to win?

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Fuck you all!

Vivian <3 Kemi <3 Eric <3 Lana <3 Johnny <3

Viva Espa帽a!


I played a strong social game to allow myself to be un-nominated until F6 with a cast of few people I knew. I was unapologetically myself with everyone, whilst playing both sides when I needed to. Good luck to you both <3


I'm not going to give up on this game, I fought like hell to be here, after 3 walls with difficult opponents, I didn't finish and I'm still here, I really want to win because I really worked hard, so help me win my 1st stars <3


  1. survivorworld33 Harley Thank God the trash didn't win
  2. HarleyThank God the trash didn't win
  3. melissakhurryLol
  4. PeculioBrokeeeeee congrats <3
  5. Pavaneli26% thats fucking lame
  6. PavaneliLmfaooooooooooooooo fucking yes
  7. looanawell
  8. AmixoxiGRATS BROOKE even though u stole my boyfriend.
  9. pit0709Congrats Brooke!
  10. BritishRomeo17eilish
  11. ArrisYonaka!
  12. casimiroBrookie
  13. cazweetYonaka
  14. niczinhaUrias omg
  15. xBostonxVoting eilish
  16. BreadNButterBryan
  17. Ratchettvoted Bryan
  18. survivingrealityvoted bryan
  19. Currents
  20. Maxi1234voted miss jones
  21. Halleybrooke
  22. ryanr36bryan
  23. JayElVeeIsBackLet鈥檚 find out if Eilish can win a stars without cheating for once
  24. ianfitz0012Ok
  25. Harleyyonakaaaaa
  26. DangerOH Bryans unnominated so this cast was STUPID stupid.
  27. Dangeryonaka praising bryan in her blog LMAO girl i was gonna vote u but now nvm
  28. Dangergirl eilish change that lame ass stars pic im so tired of seein it
  29. JasminaHad to vote for my fellow Brit
  30. PavaneliBrookeMaddox winner of 2024, Eilish flop of 2024
  31. pongaBrooooke
  32. SurvivorFan37I support Bryan Jones!
  33. Almeida008I can't believe Brooke reached the final in the 3 stars she played. tengaged is really a flopped game
  34. turkeylovereilish duh
  35. CodyyBrooke for the win
  36. speed12Brooke
  37. Almeida008Brooke #DentistsUnited hehe voto por pena mesmo
  38. HyunaEilish good game
  39. top20fan33No one in this game wants to win as bad as Eilish. They all played a role in sheeping him. So there literally is no other choice.
  40. Nick33Yonaka!
  41. bombervHoping Bryan or Nathan win <3 but gg brooke
  42. MusicGood luck to eilish and brooke but I had to vote for eilish for making it to finals 馃専 馃ぉ
  43. julie1234I love underdogs, but Eliseh even though she was hated, she played like no one else, she has my vote
  44. BlueDragonBrooke amiga!
  45. tokioBrooke winner
  46. JamesluYonaka
  47. Lucas_RFSBry, you did awesome, and grats yonaka too, but i Will vote for brooke. GL
  48. CutieAmyVotes for the unnommed
  49. CutieAmyVotes for the unnommed
  50. _AntonioJ_Bry
  51. IMonBrooke
  52. nioeBrooke
  53. Eaureaeilish ftw
  54. JohnehYonaka
  55. MadameEilish
  56. Amnesia_Nathan FTW
  57. Daniel473612Yonaka 鉂わ笍
  58. IanVivorAustin Powers doppelganger
  59. temponeptuneHonestly? I voted for eyelash why not
  60. HarleyAnyone but eilish 馃あ
  61. RobynnBrooke <3
  62. sw33tYonaka and his little accent 馃槝
  63. Danyviso24Dificil decision gl a todos pero mi ganadora eilish ! Gl a todos
  64. stolenseasonYonaka 馃拫
  65. ChocolateThaiYonaka
  66. Vixensgive eilish a chance for once
  67. Druhhbby2Eyelash
  68. BURBERRYBrooke鉂わ笍
  69. Wade03yonaka
  70. Fareseilish
  71. konohavillage1Bryan is fucked but I鈥檒l vote him
  72. Danteman453plsYonaka - KING
  73. Colterlive, laugh, lish 馃挄
  74. DripTeejayYonaka
  75. blackviianabrooke WINNER , I LOVE ASIATIC GIRLZZZZZZZ
  76. galoreEilish for the win
  77. Asuka_I love Yonaka so I'm voting for him to win!!
  78. TheLogicYONAKA
  79. cheritaisdeliciousI know people discredit Bryan because OMG HE HAS A PREMADE but that doesn't guarantee finals. He always has one, and he rarely makes finals, so when he does there is clearly a lot of work behind it, and I respect that.
  80. ilovetosingVoted the first mailer, gl to all 3.
  81. FabioHenriqueBrooke win
  82. ilovetosingTbh I didn't even realize there's stars this week lol so mail me first for my save I guess.
  83. _Ravenclaw_brooke
  84. boysofsummer2005Yon
  85. mradamman12Brooke <3
  86. LauttyyBrookeMaddox
  87. bombervYonaka and Bryan 馃槏
  88. AbioticSandLove yonaka and Brooke but had to vote yonaka here! Goodluck xxxx
  89. PhonoEilish! <3
  90. Vlad21Honestly like all 3 but had to go with unnomed here . Gl all
  91. Huntybrooke
  92. AbsolutelyEilish
  93. MaliyahYonaka ftw! <3
  94. mindrevaEi 馃
  95. dannyjr0587logged on to vote for Eilish
  96. LukaaBrooke win
  97. MIMISSocorro, ganha Brooke
  98. babygirl1991Brooke
  99. SlutishaOMannBrooke ftw
  100. _KleEilish

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