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I just took over sjsoccer88's frat. #yolo

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  1. munkeyboy18
  2. munkeyboy18 please join only 8 spots left
  3. munkeyboy18Omg please apply I am n love with soccer go DC UNiTED AND SPAIN
  4. nickpyea well im like obsessed with soccer so star me mate!
  5. GentlemanGstar me
  6. stoopkid95ohai
  7. arushdayalVote for me
  8. GentlemanGstar me
  9. cody_starred you katniss
  10. SoccerRulzlet me in i love soccer
  11. BlueLagoon506I starred u in Kevin! U just have to wait for the rest to get on
  12. skyforce25Hell ya. Bout time someone made a soccer frat.
  13. RadioheadROFL

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Min. votes to continue: 1

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