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Fraternity Hofbeck Nation

Do you support strong women?
Do you support older women?
Do you support women fighting against boring men?

Then you should love Chrissy Hofbeck, runner up of Survivor season 35, Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. Initially perceived an outsider in the original Levu tribe, Chrissy proved to be a strategic force, securing herself a tight alliance with Ryan Ulrich, who had gifted her the Super Idol on Day 1, and JP Hilsabeck following a Tribe Switch. After the merge, the trio joined the remaining Levu and Yawa tribe members to form the Solewa majority alliance. Unfortunately, the trio would find themselves relegated to the minority at the final nine after the other four members decided to flip on the initial alliance. Chrissy would then go on to win four Immunity Challenges, tying the record for most wins for a female contestant in a season, and securing herself a spot in the Final Tribal Council.

She dominated the entire game but was screwed over by a rigged fire making challenge twist that let Ben sneak into the finale and win in a 5-2-1 vote.

As a frat, we long for the day that she blesses our TV screens again, so she can finally claim her title as the sole Survivor. In the mean time, we represent our queen by winning games on and spreading her wise words

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  1. salmaanim back bitchess chocholate vanilla swirl with cookie crunch please
  2. WitZI mean I was invited by the President so why not :P And I agree the Chrissy was robbed for sure :P
  3. _GrootIf Chrissy picks you, it is my job to execute that plan. After all, she is the strategic mastermind
  4. salmaangroot forced me to join

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another day

2 joey96, Apr 20, 2021

of me being the most unproblematic TGer like how is it hard for ya'll to be good people?


it's always "ur obsessed"

1 joey96, Apr 20, 2021

and never "why are you calling me out on my clearly fucked up actions/opinions"

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