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  1. Bvance1212Star me in please!
  2. nijocoTammy is lovely lol
  3. RoseMariaTammy this isn't the place for you sweetie so get the FUCK OUT.
  4. Tammy214Let me in the frat so I can run for president please
  5. Tammy214Please let me in guys!
  6. honeybunch1my frat is dead Warren invited me to his
  7. RunawayHello fellow Legends

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Seriously what’s wrong with you people..

11 SAWCHUK55, Jan 17, 2019

Did everyone ever stop and think maybe leaving and talking about suicide isn’t a cry for attention but a cry for help! He obviously isn’t ok if  these thoughts run through his mind and something brings him back and makes him realize  so much more to life! But everyone bashing him and calling him..


There is nothing more ANNOYING

9 Aquamarine, Jan 17, 2019

Than sjsoccer88 playing the victim over my charity where he VOTED ME OUT and knew full well it was going to be ruined when joining.
Stop acting like you had no part of it to try to help your image on here, own it.



5 semajdude, Jan 17, 2019

the original cast daddydev zakisaboss damo1990 danyyboy67 tammy214 #astone929 and me
ep 1: we all move into the mansion. dev zak damo share room 1, aj and danny room 2, and me and tam room 3, daddydev beings to rub people..

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