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Free Trishy Designs

1stFeb 6, 2013 by trishytrash
imageJust so you know...

I've removed the links to my designs, and for the time being I'm no longer giving permission for them to be posted freely other than skins. Reason being, the design lab is just too 'Trishyfied', and kinda boring... I feel like maybe it is stopping people from making/posting their own designs, there used to be a lot more variety.

I've also decided that my skins can now be put in shops for 1T$, you don't need to message me to ask. I just want to make it clear that the skins can ONLY be sold in shops for 1T$ from now on, no longer 399T$

That is all xx



Sent by BryanXx,Feb 6, 2013
Sent by Regularise,Feb 6, 2013
Sent by Lamia,Feb 6, 2013
hi trishytrash (:
Sent by ajg31397,Feb 6, 2013
luvs trishytrash
Sent by tinabeena,Feb 6, 2013
Sent by KingOfNolita,Feb 6, 2013
Ily Trishy
Sent by Foxox,Feb 6, 2013
Thanks Trishy ♥
Sent by lonelypuppie,Feb 6, 2013
< 3
Sent by dexterie,Feb 6, 2013
WTF!!!!!!! O.O
ur so bipolar
Sent by aussieirish,Feb 6, 2013
viva trishy
Sent by bayonetta,Feb 6, 2013
lol maybe i can actually get a discount now!
Sent by SexGoddx,Feb 6, 2013
good job < 3
Sent by Barbera,Feb 6, 2013
Sent by iScotty,Feb 6, 2013
You're lovely trishytrash :)
Sent by beautifulbones,Feb 6, 2013
Sent by sweetgirls1008,Feb 6, 2013
Luvs how you look out for tengaged and everyone on here :P That was sweet of you to release them for a short time :P Luvs u girl trishytrash
Sent by clueliz,Feb 6, 2013
hey trish :)
Sent by MoreBeastThanYou,Feb 6, 2013
I thought it was lovely that you let people have total access to them  to begin with  thb!!   Shame people abuse it !!   Tells you tho.. how popular your designs are girl!!  Luv u trishytrash
Sent by Gemini,Feb 6, 2013
Nobody abused it, I just think this place is getting over run with my designs... Gemini
Sent by trishytrash,Feb 6, 2013
Sent by mattygeee,Feb 6, 2013
That's wonderful about the skins trishytrash! I wish you would get another shop ♥♥
Sent by Diva1,Feb 6, 2013
thats disappointing trishytrash :(
Sent by Fredcrugar,Feb 6, 2013
Like legit I had to come back and say this was probably the biggest let down of my week
trishytrash LOL
it is great about the skins but now there is gonna be 10000 of those posted when like 4 months ago there wasn't even supposed to be anymore even available

you should have never let people use the designs in the first place if you were gonna take them down not even a week later.
Sent by Fredcrugar,Feb 6, 2013
fredcrugar the designs were available for around 4 weeks.. not a week...

pm me if you want to talk about anything
Sent by trishytrash,Feb 6, 2013
trishytrash ugh ur designs were so cute now we have to see the shitty ones again =[
im sad i missed the hooters shirt in auctions cuz i wanted that so bad like 2 years ago LOL
Sent by brookie_cookie,Feb 6, 2013
well we need trishy designs so i guess if we cant post them in design labs anymore, your gonna have to get a shop again :D trishytrash
Sent by Piddu,Feb 6, 2013
trishytrash srry it just was a let down for me legit u can do whatev with ur designs your decision :p just was very sad to hear this news
Sent by Fredcrugar,Feb 6, 2013
like I was just sad tbh when i wrote that not angry like
idk just sucks now i got to attempt to spam designs most people don't even want.
Sent by Fredcrugar,Feb 6, 2013
trishytrash this was a great idea
Sent by dools,Feb 6, 2013
i dont however agree with the skins part since so many paid 850 :S
Sent by dools,Feb 6, 2013
dools My skin hasn't been posted for 850 for more than a year, I know other skins are posted that high.. but for the past 12 months mine has been posted at a max of 399 (in shops.. I have not control on what they go for in auctions). 

I just feel it is time for it to be available to everyone that doesn't have it...I'm sorry if some people aren't happy with this, but if feels right to do now.
Sent by trishytrash,Feb 6, 2013
Sent by JasonXtreme,Feb 6, 2013
TrishyTrash you're just too nice sometimes :) < 33
Sent by EEstrada17,Feb 6, 2013
Sent by NotForsaken,Feb 7, 2013
Good call. Hope to see creativity come back
Sent by ZEEnon,Feb 7, 2013
Sent by Graneceffect,Feb 7, 2013

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