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Zwooper - My say

1stJun 10, 2013 by trishytrash
Following a few days of mostly incorrect information on Tengaged about #Zwooper, we would like to simply say that you must try the site for yourselves. It is not Tengaged, nor does it try to be. There are similarities as I have been a huge Tengaged/reality tv fan for some years, and this is bound to have influenced my ideas. #Zwooper is not an exclusive club, it will be open to all very soon. We hope that you will all play both sites, and any others, as I will continue to do.

When we go live to the public, the scores will be reset and the site should provide a level playing field for all players. We are also looking at ways of making things even fairer by introducing playing games by colour level, so players will be playing in groups of similar abilities.

I apologize to everyone that has pm'd me here for not replying to you personally, I really appreciate all the interest.. and will get the site open to all as soon as possible.

There will be no more official posts or comments from #Zwooper on Tengaged blogs, although I may continue to contribute as trishytrash. However if you have any questions regarding #Zwooper, I would ask that you direct them to us via the Contact page or the Feedback! button on the #Zwooper website. Information posted anywhere other than on the #Zwooper website or in an email sent directly from #Zwooper, does not accurately reflect the opinion of #Zwooper. Thank you.


Sent by Peter007,Jun 10, 2013
trishytrash +10. Please plus my #Eurovision stage background design ->

Thank you! :D
Sent by 13KARL,Jun 10, 2013
Cant wait to join it! It looks amazing!
Sent by Lucinda,Jun 10, 2013
Sent by Imthtawesom,Jun 10, 2013
The site is amazing trishytrash!
Sent by CocoaBean,Jun 10, 2013
Sent by brookie_cookie,Jun 10, 2013
< 3
Sent by SexyBanana,Jun 10, 2013
Sent by Ireks,Jun 10, 2013
Well said, trishytrash :)
Sent by beautifulbones,Jun 10, 2013
Trish < 3
Sent by BlueStar,Jun 10, 2013
Sent by faygo,Jun 10, 2013
Sent by dexterie,Jun 10, 2013
trishytrash < 3
Sent by lonlee,Jun 10, 2013
Sent by brosky17,Jun 10, 2013
+2 trishytrash
Sent by Montse,Jun 10, 2013
very good points imthtawesom :)
Sent by sjsoccer88,Jun 10, 2013
i demand credit for that playing against ppl w/ similar abilities idea.

i just made a blog about that 4days ago :(
Sent by Brittanyy,Jun 10, 2013
Very well worded trishytrash! Can't wait for the public launch of Zwooper! :D
Sent by Insanity,Jun 10, 2013
trishytrash why couldt u just tell us the truth in the first place? idgi
Sent by XoXU,Jun 10, 2013
imthtawesom youre a nosey rat
Sent by ThatSexyPupNamedBre,Jun 10, 2013
The site is amazing trishytrash ! The few days I've been on the site it has been really fun! Even though I always get 9th or 10th because people score triple of my score :o
Sent by Dannny,Jun 10, 2013
loves you trishytrash and the site is amazing, now if ireks will not join my games, maybe i can do better than 7th LOL ..... jk jk loves you ireks ;)
Sent by seana86,Jun 10, 2013
lol love ya seana86 :)
Sent by Ireks,Jun 10, 2013
welcome to my world Dannny lol, however i have never been good at challenges, but im loving Zwooper and cant wait for what else trishytrash and her husband do next. Im like a kid in a candy store  right now LOL
Sent by seana86,Jun 10, 2013
"we would like to simply say that you must try the site for yourselves."

That's rude, cuz most of us can't
Sent by qwert2,Jun 10, 2013
qwert2 you will be able to very soon, if i am not wrong i believe in the next few weeks it will be open to everyone, they are just making sure the server can handle the flow :)
Sent by seana86,Jun 10, 2013
everything surrounding Zwooper these past days have made me not want to make an account, so good job to your trashy mods trishytrash
Sent by Buildie,Jun 10, 2013
oop Buildie
Sent by Timster,Jun 10, 2013
Sent by BigDude,Jun 10, 2013
trishytrash your best friend is JesseM, one of the FAKEST and most disgusting users on Tengaged...  for someone so sweet as yourself it makes no sense!!!! You need to reconsider your friends because it makes you look bad hun XX
Sent by Banjo,Jun 10, 2013
How can it not accurately reflect the opinion of Zwooper. It might not accurately reflect your opinion but it may accurately reflect another's.
Sent by smarty0114,Jun 10, 2013
please plus this design i plussed this blog
Sent by jojo7784,Jun 10, 2013
I still think u r a whore. But I love zwooper!!
Sent by ladylizard,Jun 11, 2013
Sent by jordaaan,Jun 11, 2013
Sent by jordaaan,Jun 11, 2013
You guys will love zwooper :) It really does have a different feeling than tengaged.
Sent by Rafey,Jun 11, 2013
trishytrash my account was hacked!
Sent by nextbigthing,Jun 11, 2013

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