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My Gift Giveaway

4thOct 23, 2012 by trishytrash
The first winner was Anas, who was gifted the Zayn hair.

Gucci911 then kindly gifted the second winner from my list that was Lizel, it was her first gift.

Because Gucci911 was kind enough to gift today, I will gift again from that PYN blog next week too.

Thanks to everyone for posting your name, and helping me get health.




Sent by LiteCitrus,Oct 23, 2012
oh goodness Anas is probably going to have a spazz attack when he sees his gift!
Sent by BbDamian,Oct 23, 2012
Thanks Trishytrash for all the great designs!!!  :*
Sent by gucci911,Oct 23, 2012
+11 :D grats anas and lizel
Sent by Lemjam6,Oct 23, 2012
thank you :D :D
Sent by Lizel,Oct 23, 2012
gratz winners!+++
Sent by LucyMcG1,Oct 24, 2012
Gratz, hope I win as runner up!
Sent by LHume,Oct 24, 2012
Sent by egaga911,Oct 24, 2012
grats winners :)
Sent by cecumecu,Oct 24, 2012
Sent by Ronel,Oct 24, 2012
join survivor =]
Sent by Milkisgood,Oct 24, 2012
Sent by william3,Oct 24, 2012
aww how nice of you :)
Sent by AxKxAxBatman,Oct 24, 2012
Ugh I need a gift :-( I have none cuhryin hurr ;-(
Sent by Rockslide,Oct 24, 2012
congrats Lizel and anas :P Great job gucci911 and trishytrash :P
Sent by clueliz,Oct 24, 2012
Get that survivor health ;)

I know Anas has wanted that hair forever so grats to him< 3
Sent by Imthtawesom,Oct 24, 2012
Sent by PoisonedHeart,Oct 24, 2012
Sent by Kpnna,Oct 24, 2012
Kopycat with the niall hair :D
Sent by Kopycat,Oct 24, 2012

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