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Do you love me?

2 Jenasia570, Feb 24, 2019

I鈥檝e been seeing a lot of purple designs lately, which happens to be my favorite color 馃挏馃挏馃挏 I have 3 really gorgeous purple backgrounds in designs rn & I would love y鈥檃ll if you could please plus them馃挏馃挏馃挏 It would complete anyone鈥檚 look! Thank you 馃挏馃挏馃挏


[Designs] New Female Hair - Thoughts?

3 GothicZebra, Nov 23, 2018

https://image.ibb.co/mG0qFV/NEWAVI.png Just been messing around in Photoshop this morning and started layering together another weave. What do you guys think of her? #designs


Dear Designers

0 LoveLife, Aug 27, 2018

I really would like to have some access to designs to compete with for when I open my shop this week, please hmu if that would be okay, I can always gift you a stock when I get a gifting shop too <3
Pls comment/tag if you know people who can give design permission,
thank you!


That was CRAZY

7 Tryphena, Aug 4, 2018

Three days ago I'm in a Casting, and I look over at Designs. That Ex-BBB Marinalva background got into Auction for only 586 points. No more needing 1000? AWESOME.
Jayglezst encourages me to post my design and says he'll help spam. Okay, cool. So I post it, and then I decide to do all the spamming myself. I only need like 600 tops, nbd. Totally doable.
I'll ask you next time, Jay. Because I wrote every message by hand, and basically licked the stamps and sent it by snail mail.
Meanwhile, Sameed27 is in this casting too. A day after I posted my Wedding Dress, he drops 3 cute designs. Now, this guy knows what he's doing. He's made connections, he's spammed, and his designs fly past mine.
Between him and rellizuraddixion I am pushed to a dismal 9th place.
I message Sameed. What's your secret, dude? He gives me some tips. I get back to work.
The more votes I get, the more votes everyone else gets. A few other pieces go to auction, and I move up.
But Sameed is at 1100, then 1200. I can't beat this, when I'm hovering around 800. Someone even negged me. I give up.
I message Sameed, again. This is impossible. Dude, did you really have to post right after me, then work so hard? Like, my auction expires today, yours have til tomorrow.
And he informs me that I do indeed have 5 more hours, and it's possible. He says he'll stop spamming his own so I can get a break.
So I message, and message, and message.
Thank you, Tengaged, for all taking time to help me. Thank you to all the profiles that say "I plus all spam", and the ones who warn me not to send any. To all the beautiful TV Stars who were online, to the friends I've met in games. To the bloggers and players in all the games. And to Sameed and Jay for your encouragement.
Because we did it. At 1319 points, this is the highest any design has earned in the Design game for months. I haven't even found the last time something needed 1300, it was before June. Finally, my Meghan Markle Wedding Dress is in Auction.
For $5T. 馃槀
#designs #casting #auction


Season of Gifting

1 moondancer63, Dec 16, 2017

So a lot of people have designs that they don鈥檛 need/don鈥檛 want so they should be able to pass them on to someone else. For example I got hair that I thought was going to look nice but it really doesn鈥檛 so I should be able to pass it on to someone else.
Plus this blog if you agree that passing on designs that were gifted to you or bought by you should be a thing


What do you want in shops?

1 LoveLife, Dec 2, 2017

What about the 'Will Work for Stars Support' Design... I am wearing
#Designs #Shops


Why exactly...

4 Ekatherinna, Sep 23, 2017

...do people delete comments on the designs? Does it affect the voting negatively in any way if your design has comments below it?


Auction/Shop/Design suggestion

2 Ekatherinna, Jun 26, 2017

randomize, could you add an update so that, when we preview designs, they are added on our current avatar, instead of the default one? Gaiaonline.com has had that feature since at least 2004, so I would imagine it's not that difficult to implement.
I know this is low on the list of priorities, but just putting it out there.
Thanks in advance!
#designs #casting #rookies


Design Requests!

0 tannerandkaleb, Dec 11, 2016

Could someone message me who is good at making designs? I really want a Colombian soccer jersey and a cool fade hairstyle!
I want this! http://www.tengaged.com/design/id-225922/black-male-hair (I know it's not fade lol)
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