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Big Brother House Ranking #16

Jun 29, 2018 by tomhartnell
imageNow this house I honestly wanted to rank high. And it's because Nostalgia is one hell of a drug.
Personally, this is my favorite season, it was my favorite cast, and when I watched it I had a hard time finding fault. In fact, I thought even the house was perfect. Then I started doing this list and realized that there were a few flaws and I have to be honest. But personally this house was beautiful, and I love it.

Welcome to Big Brother 3's house

For the first time the entire house had design, each room had it's own theme that all tied together wonderfully, they made great use out of the small space they had, and I feel that it was one of the best designs and that still holds somewhat true 16 years later. But it was small, and still lacked a few things. BB3 had a Contemporary Elegant theme that looked somewhat like a beautiful City apartment.

Living Room: I loved the Contemporary Elegant design the beige couches accented the purple nomination chairs wonderfully and for the first time set the stage for the nominees who were fighting for their life. Not just that, the brick fireplace, and the lighting tone really set the stage for a beautiful season.

Kitchen and Dining: The first time Big Brother really put emphasis in the Kitchen design, the modern cabinetry and the elegant living space fitted with an Asian aesthetic really suited the house well. That purple set the scene, and was used wonderfully throughout the house

Bathroom: I LOVE this bathroom, it was finally designed and given another Asian Aesthetic, Asian inspired designs were the rage of 2002; thanks to shows like Trading Spaces and Changing Rooms that inspired a whole new style of entertainment in home design. This was the year I was obsessed with Interior design, and still am to this day. Seeing the nostalgia trip, and how well this room holds up makes me happy to this day. I loved the green accent chairs, and the use of the bamboo on the walls as well as the wicker baskets for each HG to put their toiletries in.

Cot bedroom: This room was the first in the series of rooms that didn't hold much favor. Nobody wanted to sleep in this room, yet it was better than the bamboo bench nearby. Now as much as it sucked as a sleeping room, it still looked very nice, and fit in with the house.

Hawaiian Room: This room stands out like a sore thumb, and although at the time was very cool; is the one room that doesn't hold up today, and the reason the house is ranked lower than I intended. It's tacky by today's standards. However, it housed the bearded dragons. And I can never forget Amy eating shredded cheese in there every time she was nominated.

Map Bedroom: I was in love with this room as a teen, it fit my favorite design style which was that whole worldly global yet sophisticated aesthetic, the globe lamp was something I wanted so bad that I still have feels to this day over the fact that I never got one.

HOH Room: I love this HOH room, it's simple, yet elegant. For the first time they gave the HOH room a design and it was very pretty.

Backyard: The backyard was beautiful, season 4 was ranked lower due to the fact that they didn't utilize the backyard the way BB3 did, and although I loved the chessboard. The Brick wall and red design of the backyard tied it in, and that is something that we don't see often in Big Brother.



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