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Donald Trump Mar 12, 2018
Isn't the worst president ever (not yet) There I said it, and neither was Obama, Bush, Clinton, the other Bush, or anyone that has been president since Andrew Johnson a man who tried to bring slavery back... (or at least in a more PC term of slavery where "they're people, but not really")
It doesn't matter how far back Trump brings us (Unless he drops a bomb, then you can say he's the worst) Trump will never be the president who tried to undo Lincoln's accomplishments.

And Obama isn't even a percentile worse than him Or Buchanan (who Obama shared a lot of similarities until 2015)

There were worse presidents, and in 150 years from now, unless a bomb is dropped its not really going to change.

Also he's never going to be the best, Get over It... Teddy Roosevelt is the best. Because Teddy not only had multiple accomplishments, his list of failures is way shorter than Lincoln's, Obama's, JFK's, Jefferson's, and even Ol' Georgie
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I so wish I was a Survivor Producer Mar 8, 2018
I'd just like to work with them and give them ideas. I feel like I'm pretty in tune to what the trends are.

I had an idea for Ghost Island and wish I could have given it.
Using the fake idols and actually giving them power; this power is to block an immunity idol play attempt from happening rendering their idol useless. I think this would be an evil twist that would actually be kind of fun to see played out. Imagine Ozzy's fucking stick being used to block an idol, someone could proclaim "Jeff, It's a Fucking Stick"
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My Problem With Survivor: Ghost Island Mar 4, 2018
Survivor Ghost Island I feel lacks the authenticity of the past seasons, it feels more contrived and I think it's because they have to control how the twist works, they want to shove this idiotic twist down our throats and it bothers me.

  I thought Ghost Island was an awesome idea and they could have done a lot. But they lost me when they gave Donathan the "Sorry not today" slip, that completely wrecks the purpose of that stupid fucking twist.

  Secondly, Ghost Island shouldn't have new players, yeah they do too many returning players seasons, and that's true, but they should have saved this one or used it instead of game changers. They could have brought back players who made mistakes (Like The Amazing Race did with their second chance season) Imagine Shii Ann and Shane and Franesca coming back to prove they learned from their past mistakes. You could have Dr. Sean who I'm sure would enjoy a return, I have him on facebook and he still is doing things. He was the original fuckup and I think that I would like to see him return to the game in a season where they are trying to prove better. I want to see Lex VanDenBergh back. I want him to prove that he learned from his betrayal by Boston Rob.  Jay Byers who was screwed by The Goddess Kim Spradlin. Francesca! Prove she could actually WIN! And Gonzalez and Jacob from this season. The list goes on

  I love Survivor and am rooting for people this season, but Survivor needs to change its format and devamp a little bit. Bring back authenticity, Bring back the culture and feel that it used to have, but keep some of the twists, we don't need Legacy advantages, extra votes and combination idols, but the hidden idols and the Challenge advantages are things that make Survivor fun.

   In Conclusion, This season is overkill, I really appreciate they are doing a lot of twists for fan service, but I think we as a whole want to see less, because less is more.
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It's so lonely Feb 20, 2018
I don't have my bedhog any more, no more loud snores, no more licking fits, no more dream yipping. I was just talking about how cute you sounded last week when you were dreaming, and now I'll never hear it again. I can't handle this feeling, it's utterly depressing
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Rest In Peace Pebbles! Feb 17, 2018
imageThursday was the worst day of my life since February 3rd 2003
After almost 10 years of falling in love and raising the most wonderful creature on this planet (I will fight you) My baby girl slipped out of this world at 9 AM Thursday Morning.

I left my phone at home (which I never do) And all day I looked for it at work, and finally I gave up looking for it and went home. when I returned I found my phone on my counter top. I was relieved until I seen my mom standing in the hallway. She told me that it was serious and I thought she was going to tell me she was sick... She said Pebbles Died, and I didn't believe her, and she said it again...

I ran into the living room where she had Pebbles laying in her blankets, and seen her lying there, she didn't look dead, in fact she looked as she always looked, alive with hope in her eyes and a smile on her face. Her eye was open, and it was looking at me, but not in the creepy way.

I screamed for a good half hour before I went and pet her for 3 hours.

Pebbles was my baby, nobody else but my mom could understand. It wasn't like loving a child, I've never had a child and I know that it's a different love. Pebbles was my partner, she was everything that represents who I am as a person, she wasn't the biggest dog (a tad overweight like myself lol) But she had the biggest heart. She loved people, dogs, cats, and especially kids. She was always happy to go somewhere, and every night she was at my side. Every day she was with me, she followed me, she went places with me, and she never backed down from anything. She was what I believe is perfect.

I believe in God, I believe in spirits, and I believe in multiple realms of reality. I know she'll always be with me. When I lost other pets I felt a period of grief, but knew they crossed over. Pebbles is still with me, and I believe she will be until I cross over, because for Pebbles heaven was with me, heaven was going everywhere I went, and following me, and making friends. I know she's at peace (she always was, and she didn't suffer) I know that she's happier now than she ever could be, because she can go with me everywhere.

I just wish I could feel her warmth, and pat her belly, and raise her back legs up, and get her excited to go for a ride. She died in my mom's lap at 9 AM, before I left that day I told her I'd be home soon. I told her she was my Valentine the night before and she laid on my lap snorting and begging for treats.

I owe my life to Pebbles, it was her that kept me fighting through my depression, it was her who helped me become more active, and it was her who gave me hope.

Pebbles was and always will be mine, and no other creature can take that honor. Kids grow to become themselves, and I refuse to let another pet take her place, I won't deny love or deny them, but Pebbles was just special.

I've lost dogs, my cats, family, friends, and my Dad. And all of those hurt in their own way, but Pebbles was my greatest loss, because Pebbles was the best thing I ever had or ever will.

I thank God for the opportunity to raise and love something so much, and I promise to learn from that love, and project it in the only way I know how, and that's the way Pebbles loved me.
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I went to FYE in the Burnsville Mall tonight, I found Reptar bars 4 for 3 dollars, and i picked up like $24 worth of bars, apparently online 24 bars and 1 box which costs $30 in store is going for $73 on ebay, I found a fucking Deal



altho reptar cereal is fucking fruit loops... FUCK THAT
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