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Why is everything always my fault? Jun 18, 2018
Now hear me out. I'm not whining because people blame me for everything that goes wrong. In fact it's usually the opposite, which has lead me to living a pattern of  making irresponsible decisions.

I just had an issue with my car spent almost 2 days trying to figure it out why my car wouldn't start. Went to the part store multiple times and almost had it towed, but my brother in law looked under and found a weird box

Ive been on the phone with people in multiple states
I'm on vacation on the other side of the country. I was heading home and the car wouldn't start.
I called the people I get my car through, they told me that I'm two payments behind and since they seen on their gps that I was in Arkansas as opposed to Wisconsin they thought I was stealing the car

LMAO everything is my fault

And be aware if you get your car through car loaning lots that this could very well happen to you

I am only 2 payments behind and it happened to me
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Have you ever Jun 12, 2018
Wanted to eat a girl out, but not anything else, just please her orally and hear her make her small little moans and feel her legs get stiff on the side of your head
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Having anxiety Jun 11, 2018
Means worrying that a panic attack will ruin any good moment you have
Means worrying about having a panic attack any second
Means worrying about ruining each relationship because you're worried about having a panic attack
Means over explaining your actions and intentions good, meaningless, or bad after because you're worried about having a panic attack
Means worrying way to fucking much
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When Jun 8, 2018
You meet a girl who possesses every trait you love
When she treats you like a king
When she enjoys all the silly little things you like
When she smiles and tells you she loves you
When she holds your hand and hugs you
When you find the one that's perfect
When you love her but can never have ber
When you realize the difference between right and wrong.
When you're fighting a battle with your heart
When you love her too much to say a thing
When you realize the only thing you want is for her to know how much she really means to you.
Because as hard as this fight is, her respect means more to you than anything else.
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Officially White Trash Jun 1, 2018
I just ate my tooth
I bit into a cheese curd. I didn't know until i swallowed and felt my tooth. I ate my fucking tooth
I'm officially White Fucking Trash
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I know I'm not supposed to say cunt Jun 1, 2018
But I am a cunt sometimes

So it's kind of a dilemma I'm stuck in
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