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This website is dead Apr 24, 2019
The fact that I posted a blog 10 minutes ago on SURVIVOR night, and it's still on the main page

randomize done fucked up, by not reimbursing hacked accounts, and doing almost nothing goes to show that he doesn't care, and neither should any of you

This website is dead, can't even talk about survivor on survivor night

Good job rando I'm proud of you ya idiot lol
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Fucking Rupert Apr 24, 2019
You'd think after all these years he'd realize that he needs to give up the reigns sometimes


He lost because he's a dumbass
Laura lost a ton of weight and doesn't sound like a giant

Why TF would he put his fatass up there

And to my knowledge one person can't do all of the roadblocks
Wouldn't you want to let her do the physically easy ones, when there have been strenuous roadblocks that require physical strength

Fucking idiot
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If you want to see nudes Feb 24, 2019
Just got an inbox, someone told me I can obtain free nudes

Well, I had to decline the offer, as I'm an adult

I can legally have sex

And, Most people on this website aren't adults
If you send me a nude photo of yourself, then you're distributing child pornography, which means you'll get in trouble, not me!
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HOF Idea Feb 24, 2019
Longest active accounts

Who has been here the longest?
Who remembers biodork, emmaleigh, King Mac
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Sorting Hat quiz Feb 21, 2019
I took the Pottermore quiz twice
There were two question I had a hard time answering, so I took it twice

Which power would I like?
1 change the past (bring my dad back)
2 read minds
Which is more important
1 being liked
2 being praised

The first time I came up as a Hufflepuff
The second time Ravenclaw

Either way, both houses are awesome
I like pets, so Hufflepuff would be the most fun

But, the beauty, grandeur, and personalities of Ravenclaw attract me the most

I'm going to call myself a Hufflepuff though, because that's where I'd excel, but I'd have many Ravenclaw friends
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Look what I found Feb 19, 2019
An old news article from that has Arnold Shapiro giving Julie Chen the tour of the Big Brother 3 house!
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