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Danielle Reyes called in on this Sep 20, 2018
On this video highlighting Norm MacDonald's black moments Dani Reyes called in and had something to say in an interview YOu can skip to 16:16 to get the clip
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"Full Time Mommy" Sep 17, 2018
here's a bit of a hard pill to swallow for some

I know many girls who list their jobs as "full time mommy" mainly because they don't have a job and are the type to run out and say "There's a lot to being a mother, it's a hard job"

Honestly, it makes you look like the type of girl who sleeps with guys to get pregnant just to make money off of child support.
It also makes you look like lazy good for nothings.
I'm not taking anything away from the hardships of parenthood, but My mom worked, My sisters all worked, and my nieces work, they're great mothers, provide a stable life for their children (despite being lower-middle class) So it is possible.

I get that you might think it's cute to list your occupation as "full time mommy" but it really isn't, no respectable guy will ever be attracted to any woman who lists that as her occupation, because assumptions are too easy to take over the initial judgement of character. To a guy being a single mother with that as her job title, makes you look like you're 1 too lazy to try to get a job 2 Probably living off of the system 3 Probably living off child support 4 Probably looking for another sucker to reel in

If you want to find a respectable guy, and not just a fuck boy who will put it in you, find a job, even if it's a shit job, list something or list nothing, don't make yourself look cheap, because the novelty wares off the moment you hit enter
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When I was 17 Aug 26, 2018
My sister's husband pushed me and started a fight with me, and I was playing with my dog at the time and it caught me off guard, she was this tiny little boston terrier puppy. I remember during the fight she was barking at him, she always had my back. I miss her so bad
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John McCain Aug 25, 2018
Was a hero! He was a POW in Vietnam and He changed the political climate, his picking of Sarah Palin although controversial opened the door for many women (and crazies) and his graceful loss proved how a true politician should act when they don't get their way. He split the Republican party in ways not seen since HW and TR before. Rest In Peace Sir, you will be missed. Thank You for your contribution to the political landscape and the ultimate demise of the 2 party system.
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The most influential celebrity of the 2010s Aug 24, 2018
Lady Gaga

Without her, I think there'd still be people fighting over legalizing same sex marriage
She influenced Obama, his daughters loved her, he listened, and because of that a new era in US history began.
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I sell Cable Aug 4, 2018
So don't think I'm not using the fact that Jessica Lange is coming back as an incentive to get FX
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