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Look what I foundvote Feb 19, 2019
An old news article from that has Arnold Shapiro giving Julie Chen the tour of the Big Brother 3 house!
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RIP Pebbles Feb 15, 2019
imageThis time last year I was at work
I had left my phone at home and didn't know that I did
After work ended I looked all over, 5 different production floors, the HR room, and the break room, no luck
I was scared that something would happen and I wouldn't have my phone just in case ...
I swore I brought my phone with me

When I got home I got the worst news of my life
My best friend, my baby girl, my Dog Pebbles had passed

It's been one of the worst years of my life, she was what pulled me out of depression after losing my dad and having to move into an abusive home. When I got her, I was so happy to, it was all I ever wanted. A dog of my own, and what a dog she was. I forgot about everything negative, and this last year I found myself many times in that same dark place, but I'm breathing again, I'm starting to figure out how to move on

Not without her, she's always going to be with me, but move on past needing someone to be there, so I can rely on myself.

She changed my life

I miss her
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What do you think? Feb 14, 2019
Maintenance guy who works for our landlord tells my neighbor at the bar that he has a set of Master keys, and is going to take a brick to the side of his head...all over a woman who has no job, bipolar, lives off child support, drugs, and looks like a toenail...

Not to sound mean, but I think I need a new apartment
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Why has it taken 20 years? Feb 13, 2019
To get our first black winner?

Well because they don't cast enough minorities and usually they cast one or two, usually from a lifestyle and culture that most of the rich white players have no clue about and can't relate...

It's time to balance the scales
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Tamar deserves to win Feb 13, 2019
She's played the best game
Took out two huge threats
Created strong alliances
Didn't flounder her power

Tamar may be abrasive, but Evel Dick was...
Tamar may be in bed all day, but Hayden was...
Tamar may be a bit of a drama queen, but Rachel was...

I say why not let her win
Kandi is wonderful, but I know she's going to get booted

Lolo was lazy, wasted her power, and her cocky abrasive behavior was abhorrent
Ricky played a solid game like Sophie Clarke's Survivor win, but he made crucial mistakes.
Dina has done so much lol...

If Kandi survives she'll be a deserving winner, because she did try, but Tamar deserves to win

You can't change my mind
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I think it's funny Jan 14, 2019
CBB2 was casted like a cheesy 2007 vh1 reality show

you know what else is funny?
The one person who could save this show was from a cheesy 2007 vh1 reality show.

I love cheesy reality shows, Dina Lohan has no place, she is a bad stage mom.who's abuse of her daughter ruined her career, and now that she finds a little sliver of a chance that birch is getting the money that Tiffany should have got

Fuck CBS, and whoever thought this was a good idea, I hope it's a train wreck, I hope most of them quit, I hope there's fights, I hope there's expullsions, I hope the cops are called, I truly hope they get what they asked for

I want a cheesy 2007 vh1 reality show, which is why we never had a celebrity big brother back in the day.

I want kandi and Tamar go all the way
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