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Kid's themed Big Brother House

Jul 28, 2018 by tomhartnell
So I've always thought about what would make a good Big Brother house given a kids theme, So i thought what would have to be included?

Well, Playground OFC, Fair OFC, And McDonalds? I worked really hard over the last week developing this house, I downloaded DLC all the way from China, so I hope y'all enjoy it


instead of a pool, do a ballpit
Sent by RedsKanto,Jul 28, 2018
I really like the European layout of the house. I honestly think you should get rid of the robot room and play just replace with a straight up toy room or small artistic area. Over all I kinda dig it. Love the boy and girls rooms, the living room, and DR the most
Sent by legend_of_link,Jul 28, 2018
RedsKanto the closest I could get to a ball pit was changing the wallpaper with polka dot colors, it looks kinda cool, but sadly Sims 3 doesn't have that feature
Legend_of_Link I like your input, I did the house for my nephew, he wanted the playground, because it added to the kids vibe, I might make another similar or copy and paste, I'd probably get rid of the robot room, I just had all these cool bathroom items, and found TS2 items that were converted to TS3, one of my favorite couches was from nightlife and I wanted to make it more of a video game type of vibe for the gamers... Although I did that in the last house haha Thank You!
Sent by tomhartnell,Jul 28, 2018

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