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Loft Story: Eviction 7 The Eye of The Storm

Jul 22, 2018 by tomhartnell
Still Standing
1 Lawrence 6 Jennifer 8 Melinda 10 Dana 11 Romeo 12 Kate 13 Brian 15 Anne

After all the fighting, Anne (Leighton's mom) Sits Brian down for a heart to heart, and tells him that she forgave Dana a long time ago, see Dana was her husband's mistress, but Anne was living a very unhappy life, and when she found out that her husband had fallen for Dana, she felt like she could finally spread her wings and fly.
Anne convinces Brian to make up with Dana as well, and after much pushback, he finally gives in.

Kate is this week's HOH, and she invites Lawrence to spend the night in the HOH room with her. She explains to Lawrence that nothing can happen now due to the age difference, but informs him that she's interested and in a couple years would like to date him. They have fun and just hang out in the HOH room together.

During the nomination ceremony, Kate puts Jennifer and Brian against each other, main hope is that Jennifer goes for her part in the drama between Lawrence and his parents. But Brian has stirred a lot of trouble and gotten into a lot of fights in the loft.

After the nominations, Brian confronts Romeo in the 8-bit room, and accuses him of manipulating the younger cast members against him. Romeo says he's wrong, but it's too late Brian's rage has taken over and Brian attacks Romeo

Hearing her son fighting, Melinda takes over, and confronts Brian herself, however after talking to his mother the way Brian did, Romeo decides to shut him up.

Finally, after all the fighting Brian is evicted. Has the storm subsided, or is it just beginning?

Still Standing
1 Lawrence
6 Jennifer
8 Melinda
10 Dana
11 Romeo
12 Kate
14 Anne
15 Gordy Kate's father enters the house

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