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Loft Story: Eviction 8 Let The Game Begin

Jul 22, 2018 by tomhartnell
Still Standing
1 Lawrence
6 Jennifer
8 Melinda
10 Dana
11 Romeo
12 Kate
14 Anne
15 Gordy

Gordy catches Kate in the pool with Lawrence, concerned he goes out to the patio to keep a close eye, Melinda decides it's the perfect time to tease daddy and have him thinking that they've been hooking up.

Dana and Anne have a heart to heart about their marriages with the same man. They decide to be friends outside of the loft

Jennifer decides to patch things up with Lawrence in order to go forward with the game and maybe work together.

Romeo informs his mother that he's making a big move, it's time for the game to begin, and she agrees.

Romeo nominates Anne and Dana, exclaiming it's time to Let The Game Begin

Anne becomes the 8th person to leave the Loft, meaning that it's down to 8, after tonight there will be no new players

Still Standing
1 Lawrence
6 Jennifer
8 Melinda
10 Dana
11 Romeo
12 Kate
15 Gordy
  16 Dana's little sister Johanna enters the loft as the final player in the game

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