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Loft Story: Eviction 4 Drama and Reconsiliation

Jul 22, 2018 by tomhartnell
It's week 4 in the Loft
Still Remaining
1 Lawrence 2 Lily 3 Theodore 6 Jennifer 8 Melinda 9 Leighton 10 Dana 11 Romeo

Lawrence has become the new HOH, after a week of fighting Lawrence decides to tell his dad that he's going to cut him and his mom loose, so that he can play his own game. A fight ensues between Lawrence and his Dad after the announcement.

Meanwhile, Melinda and Romeo agree to keep everything hush hush,

Jennifer doesn't agree with Lawrence's treatment of his parents, she thinks he's a spoiled brat, and befriends Lily.

Dana and Leighton reconsile, Dana explains that she never thought she'd fall in love with his dad, and that regardless of how he feels about her, she's going to always love him, and have his back. No matter what. He starts to cry, and they reconsile, becoming friends again.

Romeo and Melinda go to Lawrence's HOH room, to reveal that Romeo is Melinda's son who she's been telling The Kid about the whole time, but they're keeping it a secret, because of all the drama. She doesn't want to bring Romeo's game down

Theodore is evicted

Remaining LoftMates
1 Lawrence
2 Lily
6 Jennifer
8 Melinda
9 Leighton
10 Dana
11 Romeo

12 Kate 19 year old bookstore employee moves in, Kate has no relations in the house as of yet.

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