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Tamar deserves to win

Feb 13, 2019 by tomhartnell
She's played the best game
Took out two huge threats
Created strong alliances
Didn't flounder her power

Tamar may be abrasive, but Evel Dick was...
Tamar may be in bed all day, but Hayden was...
Tamar may be a bit of a drama queen, but Rachel was...

I say why not let her win
Kandi is wonderful, but I know she's going to get booted

Lolo was lazy, wasted her power, and her cocky abrasive behavior was abhorrent
Ricky played a solid game like Sophie Clarke's Survivor win, but he made crucial mistakes.
Dina has done so much lol...

If Kandi survives she'll be a deserving winner, because she did try, but Tamar deserves to win

You can't change my mind


Sent by Tanarexix,Feb 13, 2019
FireX and you were saying what now about cray ‘s social game in stars?
Sent by Avalon,Feb 13, 2019
Tamar is gonna have to take herself to the end bcuz I don’t see any of those bringing her.
Sent by Matthew09,Feb 13, 2019
Did u not see she was nommed for 16th avalon cause clearly you missed That
Sent by FireX,Feb 13, 2019
FireX considering he doesn’t have Skype and didn’t even chat until the last 2 hours of Day 1 because he actually has a real job, we all think he’s done great! Keep the hate going sis!
Sent by Avalon,Feb 13, 2019

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