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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


6thApr 6, 2021 by phonee
for an opinion + rate from DaddyDev and I!

me: KING! you're kind of amazing and awesome and so loyal and we always work together in games duh. you're an awesome person and a pretty good player as well. but we don't talk much outside of games, i wish we did :/ but yeah i really like you. Rate: 8

dev: You used to be obsessed with hating me for no reason at all, and now you suddenly like me and I am not sure why? But king I guess lmao? You are kind of weird though and inconsistent. Rate: 4

me: literally one of the best people on the site ever. ever. you're so good and funny and definitely in my top 3 best stars allies. u get it. ilysm and i'm SO glad you came back icon. you slayed that frooks btw, you and silver got robbed. Rate: 10 duh ur perfect

dev: Another person who used to like obsessively hate me for like no reason. I always thought you were like SO weird, and you probably still are. I don't know if you still hate me, and like if you do, congrats! If you don't though then you're a healed king. Rate: 4

Mrkk -
me: We like never talk in games anymore and never work together but I do really like you and enjoy playing with you from when we do talk to each other lmao. You seem like an awesome friend and you're always so kind to everyone (except yawnha LMAOO) and your rivalry with yawnha is for sure... um.. iconic. Rate: 7 TALK TO ME MORE KING (especially if ur australian lmaoo ilysm)

dev: ANOTHER ONE. Why are all my haters commenting on this? Like, we were fine and now you always go against me in frookies and like obsessively make it your mission to try to take me out even if you fall while doing it which is kind of weird. I personally don't mind you, and when you're loyal it's nice but like when you're obsessed it's kind of random and weird because you are not someone I would ever worry about to the level of others. Rate: 5

Zuelke -
me: PECKY. KING! you're actually always so underrated / underestimated and so funny.. especially with the voices / noises u make on call it's so good always.. you're literally one of my favorite people to play roblox with even though YOU GET ME OUT EVERY GAME! kinda horrible for that... Rate: 6

dev: OMG finally someone I like. We started off HATING each other like GOD you were the most annoying weird son of a bitch I've EVER met and like you still ARE, but I like you wayyyy more now. You always make me laugh and 95% of the time you are loyal to me. You are someone I could just be on call with and talk to, in face I have a few times in the Roblox Chat where we are just the last ones on and you're fun to just talk to, also. You are fun because you can be funny and over the top or you can just be normal and good at talk to about random shit. Also, I loved the one time I read your story but I have such ADHD I havent been able to read more. I will eventually, but could you stop with all the big words? Rate: 7

Olympia -
me: I don't really know you but your blogs are always so funny and the PICTURES... oh my god they're so good? which automatically makes u one of the best people ever duh obv Rate: 7

dev: I have literally no idea who you are, but you had me filtered when I have never spammed you (or anyone) or talked to you. That was kind of weird, but in general, you seem fine! Rate: 5.

GentlemanG -
me: okay honestly? literally like everyone but dev doesn't like you but OBV ITS BC THEY'RE JEALOUS, KING. i love you so much and i can't remember a game where we weren't loyal to each other. alissa violet is my mom and ur honestly my dad. ilysm, you've never done anything bad to me <3 king. Rate: 10

dev: Ray LMAO you are like so weird cause you want to be seen as independent SOOO bad but seem SOOO lost sometimes when you are. It's like one year you are on your knees for Jake at his service for all his needs and the next year you despise him and that whole chat, and it like flips back and forth every year. I don't know. As a person, you are fun to be around and talk to. You are like the gayest person I think I have ever met with the way you talk, but like that's fine. You have recently kind of been obsessed with me for no reason. You are better at frookies lately though, so that's nice! I do consider you a friend, but more so one I keep at a distant because I never know with you, bitch. Maybe one day the distant part will change, because you are a personality I actually enjoy and I don't enjoy many. Rate: 8.

rowjone -
me: one of my favorite people ever.. and you're straight which is so good too honestly even though that just means u have bad humor. but you're still a king. you're one of the only people that i see in games and i INSTANTLY JUST KNOW that we are going to 100% work together and that you won't backstab me. my loyalty to you is infinite xoxo. i'm so excited to support king spamjone in stars. dad. Rate: 9 bc we dont talk outside of games much x

dev: LMFAOOO Row, this one is SO funny. The first time we ever played I had a MELTDOWN because I didn't get taken to finals and you did, and I was over it right after the game but you didn't know I was just a troll, so you genuinely thought I cared so deeply, but ever since you have noticed how I am you have like adapted to my personality and act just like the people I have been friends with for years, and it takes a lot for people to understand me, so I appreciate that. You also are super loyal in frookies, so thank you for that, too. You are just really fun to be around, you're loyal and you're funny so KING KING KING baby. Rate: 8.

KingB24 -
me: i don't think you like me right now but then again idk. you're a fucking king. we both are so loyal to each other when we need to be and we normally get snatched but THAT'S OK. one day we'll play a game where we don't constantly get targeted LMAOO. i enjoy playing games with you. icon! Rate: 8

dev: Chase, I had never interacted with you really before a few Frookies ago and even though I slayed you, you were understanding and we talked on Discord and I'd say we are cool. Then, I slayed you AGAIN (hesitantly) but you said you understood again because it made sense. I appreciate that and you literally mailed me about my flight before and after and we barely know each other, so that was sweet and genuine. You seem like a sincerely good person and nice person. We just aren't the closest. Rate: 7.

Midiaw -
me: you are usually shady in games but recently you haven't been, and i really appreciate that! i think our friendship will do nothing but grow because you are super honest and loyal. i will never understand why some people dislike you and target you in games :/ you're a great person, though i don't know you too well haha! love u though. Rate: 8

dev: I have no idea who you are like at all, but I saw you like save that noobs charity which was sweet and iconic. Rate: 6.

manafa -
me: ICON. ICON. ICON. you're such an icon in games AND you have dev SOOOOO pressed which is even better + funnier and so good.. i love working with you in games, and your loyalty is soo fucking good. there hasn't been a single game where i've seen you betray someone EVER! so yeah you are really chill. no clue why dev doesn't like you lmao. Rate: 7, wish i knew you a bit better <3

dev: You are the funniest person to watch have an HoH because you just attack everyone and say you want to nominate like 7 people then nominate 2 random people. You are also the fakest person I have ever played with. You claim you don't trust me anymore and never will again because I evicted allthat in a frookies and lied to you, which I did but she would have done the same thing. That wasn't against you and I would have been loyal to you moving forward in games and planned on it cause you were my unironic untouchable in games and you ruined that by fucking me over for like 12th, 10th and 8th and all 3 of those games I legit had saved you in a vote before or had kept you safe with HoH, so you are genuinely a fucking weirdo and think you need to seek mental help, baby! DUMB CUNT!. Rate: 0

me: I don't really like you. i think you're jealous of me, duh i cant blame you. but you're also super super petty and also.. just dumb? I've never seen someone make such a HORRIBLE move ever.. it made 0 sense. but somehow it worked out for you so honestly good for you. hopefully we can fix things in the future maybe. Rate: 3

dev: One of my longest rivalries on Tengaged. Goes back to like 2016, I think? You have always been jealous of me because I just am a bit of a better player, but you are still really good. I think if it was not for your POVs, you would not make it end game as much as you do, whereas I make end game 90% of the time based off my social skills. I do believe we respect each other tremendously now, so even if we go against each other it's not taken personal and hashed out through months at a time. You have also come around more when it comes to communicating to people and not just treating this as JUST a gaming website, which was always really really fucking weird when you did. Rate: 7.

Jessie_ -
me: you're both loyal and funny. i don't really know what else to say because we like NEVER talk lmaooo but i always see in games + the blog page and i just have to stan you. my first impression of you was like who tf is this psycho? bc i thought u took games like very seriously but you don't, and i love you. king. Rate: 7

dev: You were someone who I thought was a multi for sure, to asking why we have never met, to meeting you like 3 days later and we were instantly cool. You are 100% one of the people who doesn't understand my personality the most and are the biggest crybaby whenever I do or say anything LMFAO and its funny but lately it hasnt really been a thing. we stopped talking kind of but i still like you and hope you're doing well king. Rate: 7.

BengalBoy -
me: bnglby. you're so iconic and a king and you're straight which is so good too. honestly like coming back to an old blog of mine and seeing u commented on it is so good and ur comments are always so funny. love u. i can always rely on u to plus my blog duh. king of super gold! Rate: 8

dev: DRU! King. You are someone who just is laid back and doesn't take things seriously, and that's literally me (in reality, not with how I act) because I do act psychotic and like everything really matters, and while I am psychotic I don't actually care about games as soon as they end and I don't genuinely dislike anyone on this site, because I don't care enough about them. Thanks sm for always defending me even if it's small shit like saying how I really am just funny and not to take me all serious cause these bitches are so obsessed with me. You are also really likable. Kingggg. Rate: 8.

Sam_Hamwich -
me: ummm i can't remember if you like me or not to be honest LOL but i do like you even though we haven't talked or played a game together in like soooo long. you're a king though for sure and always a wildcard to me. i stan u duh. u and britt is so good! king and queen <3 Rate: 6

dev: Evan! You are kind of a drama queen, so I am shocked you like pussy. TWINS! you hurt Brittany and I will fucking [REDACTED] you. Even if I don't speak to her all the time, I still care about her just as much as my other female friends and I don't know if Brittany ever showed you the video, but if you ever hurt her, I will be there in less than a day with a taser, bitch! You are usually loyal though so king for that. I remember when it was like a thing that you hated gay people and even though it's not true, I wish it was cause we'd be TWINS! x2. You not giving me 3rd that one frookies though was edgy. You know it. You DO! Rate: 7.

Hash -
me: you're a freak and a horrible person. JK ilysm, you're like one of the most loyal people if not the most loyal person i know. kinda hate u bc ur always, and i mean ALWAYS the fucking martyr. but you're also so good for that when its in my favor xoxo. you're an amazing person and i'm so glad i met you. i can't wait for the 15 games that you target me. im sorry for evicting u. im sorry. Rate: 10

dev: Sandyyyy omg time for me to be soft and corny. You are one of my longest friends on here. Literally since 2013. I've known you almost 10 years omfg. You always used to HATE me because I was so fucking annoying and just no one could tame me, and even though I still am like that you love me so much. You are one of the people that sincerely have helped me through the most (you know what I mean) and you are one of the few people who knows one of my deepest secrets LMFAOO. i cant evict you in EN, Outlaster or Frookies or ill be #EXPOSEDbaby! thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me and helping me grow as a person (even though someone might have done it a lil better hehe) but i appreciate you so much and know we will always be close friends for life no matter how many petty fights or screaming matches we get into cause we care about each other duh. Rate: 10.

Typhlosion37 -
me: you're so chill and an amazing stars ally even though you never work with me. fucking cunt. jk but ILY!!! you're someone i can talk to about the most random shit ever and we get along super well :) king of pokemon and king of good gameplay in stars. dad. king. loyalty. Rate: 10

dev: Ryan, we don't really talk and the only memory I have with you is when I slit your throat in stars and you kind of DESPISED me after and I get that. I don't know if you still despise me, because you are kind of a king and you are really good at stars! I was just a lil better hehe. Rate: 6.

CalebDaBoss -
me: you're such like a floater / purple edit / irrelevant but ilysm. You're always like invis in every game but that's also what makes you SO GOOD. you're weird at times but you're a great person and pretty funny :) i like talking to you and you're super relatable. such an icon, love ur youtube channel king! Rate: 7

dev: Caleb... Ugh. LMFAOOAOA jk you are deep down a good kid, I can tell. You just haven't had it easy and you are the youngest in the Roblox Chat, so you are the scapegoat a lot and you always take it personal when I don't think it is most of the time. I do genuinely like you and even though we aren't like "friends" when you go through things and post about it (you know what I mean) I am concerned and wish I could help you. Rate: 7.

cheritaisdelicious -
me: i feel sooo bad for evicting you in frookies. i do. you're SO funny, SO woke, SO loyal, SO reliable, just like the perfect friend, ally, and person. idk why people neg your blogs but i always plus them lmaoo. I love playing games with you and just chatting with you. I wish we talked more for sure. Love you, queen <3 Rate: 10

dev: I love you so much, queen. I do genuinely think you have mental issues the same amount as some of the worst of us, and you don't think you do, but you do. I started out by being in a stars with you and mocking you for being a fat stupid bitch and calling you Cherry Cheesecake and it turned into a joke, into a troll, and then into a ... friendship? I do look out for you the best I can in games, regardless of who I know in the games or if my Roblox Chat joins. I will pick you over like all of them except Sandy & Donny. You do get a lot of grieve and I am glad you are just as strong as me with being able to take it, but I kind of ask for some of it whereas I don't feel like you nearly as much ask for it LMAO you legit breathe and they are mad. our minds. You're a funny sassy cheesecake queen and now I want cheesecake. IT WOULD BE A 10 IF WE TALKED OUTSIDE OF GAMES MORE!!!!!!!111 Rate: 9.

sportsgeek12 -
me: your blogs are so bad that they are funny. you're an alleged anti-masker. i get it. and you don't like gays which is kinda funny. overall you're kinda a MESS. but you're a funny and iconic mess. i have no choice but to stan! love u. mail me so we can be friends <3 love u! Rate: 2

dev: Didnt you say "Why do gay people have to ruin everything?" Duh. I do get that. Rate: 10.

J2999 -
me: FUNNY KING. british king. i already tell you everything i think about you but why not say it here duh. you literally have like every positive quality EVER and 0 negative qualities. ugh i just love you so much like you're kinda one of the best friends i could ever ask for... you're loyal, honest, funny, likeable (idk if that is spelled right), relatable, british, AND nice which like duh king like slay.. we kinda are the best duo tengaged has ever seen duh. we slay every game always. love u king. margaret. obv. i'd post the wicked goodies gif but i'm afraid i lost it. cries. ily. Rate: 10 DUH!

dev: I don't know you besides the scandal of someone named Bob the Builder like tryna [REDACTED] you ???? and we talked once on a stars assessment call and then you evicted me a week later in frooks after saying you had my back. you're also kind of hard to understand and clearly very gay. king though Rate: 6.

RightToCensor -
me: umm.... overdramatic but you're so funny still for that. you're such a king on a good day. i LOVE LOVE LOVE playing roblox with you because you make everyone laugh, both intentionally and unintentionally sometimes. overall you're super loyal and also very social in games. you're commonly underestimated and a great player. king. Rate: 8 bc sometimes u can be psycho but duh that's kinda a good thing.

dev: You are a king. A legend. A winner, baby. You are one of my favorite people on the whole site. Your manic episodes were always sooo funny and you're so funny to troll (and to troll with). you genuinely make me laugh SO hard and make up on dudes is kind of weird ngl LMAO but you RLY make it SNAP. FRFR. your voice! stunning! your hair? BLONDE BABY. AMAZING. you are really that bitch and you're underrated in games. i know how much you appreciate me and care for me so thank you for that and i appreciate and care for you a lot too even if i am not the best at showing it. i cant wait til you get my laptop and im done vacation so we call regularly again and play more. dont ever let anyone tell you that you arent a funny loyal iconic legendary king cause you ARE. Rate: 10

ceeej -
me: You're soooo fake and kind of psycho. which is kind of funny. I can never trust you in a game but I still love talking to you and everything. love you xoxo. Rate: 6

dev: You are like insanely fake and I can NEVER tell what you are going to do, but as a person, I do like you because I've known you awhile and you're a Roblox Original. We're like FAMILY! king. Rate: 7.

MichelleObama -
me: ummm i don't know you TOO well but from what i know about you, you're super loyal and very funny. every frookies we have played has gone good for us so yeah, i do like you. kind of a legend. duh. Rate: 6

dev: All I knew about you was you were apart of that edgy troll vile group, then we played a stars and you sheeped like an idiot and slayed me to only get 2nd but then you started playing Roblox with us, and you are rly good at drag race and you're honestly SUPER funny so king for that. YOU ALSO KNOW COUNTRY MUSIC BABY! Rate: 7.

Jaxon -
me: king. i love u so much and i love talking to u so much. you're kinda easily one of my favorite people ever. we need to play roblox soon duh x. you're so loyal and have been nothing but good to me! my favorite frooks floater. king! Rate: 10

dev: I don't personally know you, but you respect me and you are loyal to me and for that, I love you. DUH! Rate: 8.


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