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1stFeb 20, 2019 by paul028
imageIt's time for Breaking News, were we get all the drama from the latest stories happening now on tengaged. From Accusations, racist comments and a lot of drama, this week certainly turned out interesting!

After being accused of saying racist things in a game, #Streamxx made his way back to the headlines by accusing queen SAWCHUK55 of not actually having cancer, this sparked controversy within the Tengaged walls. Users were outraged! Some had a lot to say about the incident "ok so first he uses the N word, then he accuses someone of lying about a serious illness...? this guy is not ok" queens Bambino & MarieEve stood behind Saw and supported her through this rough time with Bambino saying "Don’t let him get to you he’s a sick individual <3 we’re all behind you" When asked about what happened this is what Saw had to say "My initial thoughts were it was out of line!" she continued "But kai has messaged me and apologized and we have talked about it so now I’m over it! But this site has gotten out of control with racism,to making fun of the way people look or talk,bringing kids and parenting up, making fun of suicide, the word cunt being used like the word hello. People should worry more about being nicw! Karmas a bitch xo"

Popular Tengaged user Koolness234 has reportedly contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and told them about on how it is used by child predators as a way to receive contact information and then try to solicit nudes from minors. Many users were shook! Some were divided on what they thought, user @mathboy09 had this to say "thank god" other comments said "go off!" "Do u feel that shaking?"

When asked about his ICONIC decision this is what Josh had to say "I have virtually no clue what will happen. It is possible that the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children can do nothing and the FBI informed they were the ones who handled it. So there is a chance nothing will change, I cannot speak on what I do not know. All I know is that over the past years I have received reports from several underage users about people preying on them via Tengaged and soliciting nudes on the other forms of media ie Snapchat and Skype."
He continued "I personally do not think this is a joking or laughing matter and understand the brevity of the sexual exploitation of minors, it took me a grand total of 40 minutes to make the initial report and hand over information I used. I did not reveal anyone who had told me that they had received or sent nudes when they were minors, as they should be the ones to talk about that and not me. I only made a initial report on the felonious action that we all know occurs on the site, and let people more knowledgeable about the subject proceed with what they think is appropriate"

He then finished his statement with "I do not regret my decision to report illegal activities concerning minors to the proper authorities, and the safety and well being of children and teenagers is more important that having the ability to play virtual Hunger Games. I was not trying to get anyone innocent in trouble nor was trying to get our admin in trouble either. Just contacting authorities on what we all know was happening since nobody else wanted to. Furthermore Admin always directed me to do so."

5 Other Things
1. #Blitszims got banned! Probably for the racist comments!
2. ghrocky100's Youtube Survivor: All Stars just revealed the All-Stars playing!
3. #Streamsxx got banned!
4. koolness234 is iconic
5. A group of tengagers got BANNED as a group! Some of them are #Halloween, #Kelly0412, #zachbbs to name a few.




remember when i was gonna copy ur old blogs but then never did hehe
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5. A group of tengagers got BANNED as a group! Some of them are #Halloween, #Kelly0412, #zachbbs to name a few.

was this for the blog homophobic word? the full group included #boicam77 #mastropola and i dont remember the last one whoops
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