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were all clowns Dec 10, 2019
for betting on Amandyta twice
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Tengaged's Opinionated Players {REVIVAL} Nov 25, 2019
This is where I ask new and old players of tengaged questions about the current events
going on on tengaged. More will be coming.

Q: What is your thoughts on the current state Tengaged is in right now with no Mods, hackings, multis etc?

Thirteen - The website is only a shadow of it's former self. Everyone is always giving suggestions on how to improve things but I think it would be too little, too late now. We have already passed the point of no return. All there is left to do now is to enjoy our last days here because we know the end is near.

maturo - It’s great until a Spanish person ruins it

Ratchett - It's awful, and I wish Tengaged moderation was back. I know alot of users didn't like the way things were run, but it's 100% better than the way things are now. (Just go look at KatnissEVerSlut 's profile (EW!) Anyhow - I personally do not understand how randomize can just pop on time to time and not do anything. It's his site, he needs to figure it the fuck out. Maybe randomize needs to consult with mega-users with what works for the site and what doesn't. Randomize could possibly offer incentives to individuals who want nothing but good for the site, but that's just my fucking opinion. I'm not sure how things are run on the back in, but this is a poor poor site right now.

purplebb4 - I think Tengaged has degraded even more without moderation. Regardless of what you think, so many of our problems - inactivity, slow games, multis, etc, stem from a lack of proper moderation which balloons those issues and also leads to people not wanting to be on this site. I don't tengaged will ever die, randomize will have to pull the plug first, but without proper moderation, I don't think the site will ever be able to become even decent.

TechnoMike - hey, its lexobear lol, remember me? ahaha. well tbh my account was stolen back about 2 years ago and not much has changed since then apart from the site becoming more inact. i really hope randomize comes back and sorts this out tho

Amnesia_ - My thoughts on the current state of TG is in rn is the fact that we definitely need a mod to detect our the multis and hackings as there has been so many new users recently which means that most likely some newbies are not actually newbies and needing moderated immediately from what I’ve been getting told from other TGers!

I want a safe website to play on not all these brutal, disgusting, vile remarks and comments being made from users who thinks it’s acceptable to say some things they do that are just completely inappropriate and unacceptable.

Smoothstalker12 - It’s only going to decline for sure. People lose interest for a variety of reasons, but a large one for me is why should I are about a site that the creator/owner doesn’t even care?

Lexeyjane - I miss mods

top20fan33 - Oh it's the worst it's ever been tbh... mainly because all these new tg babies are too impressionable and keep giving their accounts away and not realizing FACEBOOK CONNECT is a thing... We can only hope Carlos decides to keep the site from dying out as it eventually will when the established players keep continuing to leave. also wtf is the enrollment time for FROOKS/HUNGER/STARS...

danyyboy67 - its hectic

pinkiepie512 - I think Tengaged is in the worst possible state it can be in. This site is literally a cesspool. The bullies, hackers, and multi users are the ones running the site, and that is what makes it no longer enjoyable. It is very sad cuz we all came here with a passion for Big Brother, Survivor, etc, and to see this site fall apart is very unfortunate. My wishes are for some kind of moderation to return, randomize actually coming in and doing something, or randomize giving the site to someone who will actually care about it, us, and will do what they can to restore it. I just want to be able to enjoy this site without having to deal with bullies, friends being hacked, cheaters, and boring and inactive games. My biggest hope is for something to be done here.

TaraG - What a waste of a site!

Admir - Thank you Paul for having me (stares at the camera smiling). Well there are several reasons why I can be indifferent really. Mods, even though very helpful, happened to be a big problem because they didn't know how to deal with the pressure. I can't say I'm very sad Mods are not present because I think we are more free to express our true selves (especially the bad side) so we don't need to pretend everything is perfect and and say things like 'Ohh you, shut the frunt door' when I'd rather say 'SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE HOE'. However, I do not condone multis being on this site nor do I like when people get hacked so for that reason I think Mods are really needed. Also, without mods, the games are rarely played because of cheating and multis so that's a BIG downfall.
We learned how to adapt though, and even though many people left the site, some of us are still here. Maybe it's just that I was never a quiter and I don't want to let these changes make me leave the site because of them. When I decide to leave Tengaged, I want to do it in the right way.

Summa summarum, yeah Tengaged is kind of fucked but it's not something we can't survive so VOTE FOR ME IN THE NEXT ELECTION AND I WILL MAKE TENGAGED GREAT AGAIN

Also if you wished to be asked questions also comment :)
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I LOVE YOU NATHAN Nov 25, 2019
YONAKA <3333
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3 YEAR TG ANNIVERSARY!!! Nov 15, 2019
This day, 3 years ago, I was looking online for opinions about Celebrity Big Brother: UK vs USA 2015, I stumbled on this site. I was sad nobody really watched bbuk but over it.

Anyway, I joined 15th November 2015, joined my first game on the 16th Nov, then made my first blog was on the 5th of Decemeber.

I have made so many friends who i would travel to the moon and back for them to be HAPPY!
I'm not sure who to structure this type of blog because i know tengaged is going through a "dark-age" but I still love coming on here and seeing the blogs and group games!!


AND A BUNCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!
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imageHello tengaged! It is I Paul or Pablo. I am currently nominated in stars and that is unfourtante because I've worked really hard the last few days to keep myself off the block as long as I could, however it just wasnt in the cards since I've been a set for 12th, 11th and 10th so this wasn't really a big suprise.

I just wanna say that I've played 5 stars game (this being my 5th) and out of all of them this has been my peak of gameplay, I've created sets THEY ACTUALLY WENT THROUGH, I've been strategizing with people, socializing with people more basically doing whatever to keep myself safe unlike previous games. I'm not revealing much because the game isn't over yet ;)

I have worked really hard so I hope you can reward me by voting to EVICT Survivorofthetocan

Thank you all for the saves so far!
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i havent heard a set in stars Aug 24, 2019
should i completely overreact and have a meltdown like Christie??
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