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Tengageds Opinionated Players 12 TOP for short Sep 5, 2018
This is where I ask commonly known players of tengaged questions about the current events
going on on tengaged. More will be coming.

With the success of Target Roulette Stars and the collaboration of Admin & KrisStory do you want more games coming possibly a Survivor edition or a TRS 2 or do you think Admin should focus on other things?

I wouldn't mind another game happening as long as they stop fucking flooding the blogs page and they had a more organized way of picking the cast. The way they picked the cast before was like "message me and tell me your name" and I thought that was a bit messy. I would definitely do it though if they had another game, especially if it is survivor-esque.

Firstly It’s a success because I won. Kidding. Sort of. Kinda. No but for real, I’ve already noticed as a result of this game @Typhlosion(numbers) is hosting a Stars game,  Heatherlum is creating this cool poll-based group community game. I feel like it’s lit a spark in tengaged a wanting to take inniative and take charge and do what we love and do best - play games, gossip and have fun drama. I think Admin should always prioritise their role as a moderator but If that’s not being compromised, they’re allowed to have some fun!

I do think he should focus on other things because there are still problems that need to be resolved on this site. But that being said I think new additions could be a nice little change. TRS's turnout had me surprised! I didn't think people would even want to participate. If it gets Tengaged's attention, then clearly they did something right. :P

I think survivor would be kinda.... cool but would require more work from both sides (players and hosts) so I think that a second season in a few months would be ok ! We need to realize that admin is doing the best he can and he doesn't have a full moderation set or whatever it's called. At least the games can bring us some fun :)

Admin should focus on other things right now.

I do think there's potential for more games like TRS since it was very successful, although a variety would be nice. The same game over and over would get very dull.
They seem to have gotten a start on taking care of the multi problem so now that that's at least progressing there's more room for some fun games and events to be hosted.

I think Admin should focus less on making new games, and focus more on upholding the rules and banning people who are supposed to be banned

Another stars game like TRS would be pretty cool. Just gotta be patient and let the mod do their thing!

I think it was a fun idea to do one season but I think now it's time to focus on other things. If admin continues to do more everyone's going to think he's wasting time when he could be a lot more productive.

I think this is something easy that Kris could focus on but Admin could sponsor with prizes. Kris & I haven't always gotten along, but I do believe he did his 100% best with monitoring the game & making it engaging for the public. I think they should continue doing BB with other twists aside from roulette before branching out into Survivor, but that could be great!

Admin should focus on the rules,because I don't like how he/she does his/her work.

Also if you wished to be asked questions also comment :)
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Tengageds Opinionated Players 11 TOP for short Aug 28, 2018
This is where I ask commonly known players of tengaged questions about the current events
going on on tengaged. More will be coming.

Q: One of the biggest things wrong with tengaged right now, is the payout system, what do you think should change to improve it?

UGH YES, payouts suck. Especially in games like hunger and stars where you have to do so much work to get to the end, I think that hunger should have the top 6 get karma and that stars should have top 5. Because it is so much harder to win those compared to a rookies when you can just have a charity for karma

I think GIVE US MORE MONEY! Issa joke, frooks takes hours and stars be a week, and we get 60t and 100t coz stars was already 3 bloody hundred! I just spend a week of ma lie getting no sleep and working hard, and you have the nerve to give me only 100? bring the prices up! :)

The tengaged payout system is designed to fail. I will be writing my own blog on the issue later (wink) but long story short, the amount people pay to join are more than people are given in payouts for many games. Stars is a huge example of the issue. On busier weeks in stars, almost everyone will pay damn near 300 T$, raising the collective amount paid between all 16 players as high as 4800 T$. Only 725 T$ are given total in payouts, causing (at times) FOUR THOUSAND T$ lost EVERY WEEK through stars. More games do the same thing, such as survivor (although made up for in karma and merges) and frookies. This causes absolutely no reason for people who care about T$ to play at all. Eventually, with this system, nobody will even be able to pay entry fees and people will not even be able to play even if they want to (with the exceptions of fasting and casting.)

I don’t think it’s even just karma and t$ that is the root issue here, it is lack of incentive. In the past a Stars win was royalty - no one cared how much Emmaleigh made in karma of t$ but the fact she was a cherished and loved member of the tg community is the ultimate reward. This needs to be implemented to all games, a better sense of gaming spirit which can be aided by higher payouts but ultimately still requires better leadership and unity.

Even though randomize doesn't give a shiznit about this website and we're basically stuck with what we have, I will state my opinion on the matter because I'm awesome, I can do whatever I want, and I don't care which of you hoes think my opinions lack intelligence:

Considering this is The Great Tengaged Depression, it takes people about 1600 years to gain T$, and looking at the payouts, it's not hard to see why amongst other stuff such as the minimum shops prices, maximum shops prices, etc.  So how about to change payouts, up the payouts for Stars so that it's not just 1st place that gets a profit and it makes it more worthwhile to play, and extend Hunger payouts to Final 10.  Hunger payouts as they are is TERRIBLE since having to make Final 4 to even get payouts makes it practically impossible.  It would also help if the color level required to join Hunger went to a lower level such as Blue or even Dark Green since the games fill too slow for there to warrant 2 cycles of it now that multis have been getting banned left and right.

Quite frankly the amount of people who play survivor and merge on the daily only win 40K and 10ts every time they merge so pretty much thats what they win on a weekly basis. But as soon as they get voted off the island their health drops from 100 to 50. That's not fair at all. But in actuality, I think the T and Karma amounts should be a little higher. I mean look at those shop prices we need to have someone more amount of money to spend it on.

it should be more for bigger games and more people like only top 4 in hunger is a big no no

The payouts for stars is obv a joke... I think it may because that game has been there since the very start and its payouts aren't adjusted for t-inflation. From the set up it looks like its meant as a game to reward only first place, so i assume thats why most places don't get much. 400t$ on 300t$ enrollment doesn't really work though

Besides that the games pay somewhat decently, I don't really think this that big an issue. There could be more t$. Having the T$ payout match the karma in most game makes sense but really it's not that big a deal. The payouts have been the same for years and the cost of designs (which is really the only thing that changes) used to be even higher at some point (near 1000) but the games always filled. I think this is overblown

Personally I think there should be t and karma given to 11th and 12th in survivor. I think castings and crooks are fine. fastings can be increased a bit. Stars money should be increased, and a little karma should be given to 3rd/4th in frooks.

Also if you wished to be asked questions also comment :)
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+/-/comment Aug 24, 2018
+ For Bayleigh winning Battleback

- For Rockstar winning Battleback

comment for Scottie winning Battleback

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Tengageds Opinionated Players 10 TOP for short Aug 22, 2018
This is where I ask commonly known players of tengaged questions about the current events
going on on tengaged. More will be coming.

Thoughts on Target Roulette Stars (hosted by the lovely KrisStory & Admin) and are you applying to win the 650 TS prize?

I might apply but I still do not understand why we're doing all of this special shit when we have legit problems that need to get fixed. I know that they don't have the ip thing to track all multis/hackers, however WHY DON'T YOU TRY ACTUALLY FIXING THAT PROBLEM SO WE CAN ACTUALLY STOP ALL OF THIS!?! Like really, focus on one problem at a time. I never was for an admin in the first place and I'm still not to be honest, but if we are going to have one fix the only 2 problems, hackers and multis. Otherwise, don't exist. Simple.

I’m really happy that Kris is collaborating with Admin and that Admin is enabling users to partake in public games. I’m yet to read the ins and outs but as someone who found Stars stressful for 2 days, this looks off the charts! Really excited for everyone to come together and enjoy the game whether they are taking part or watching.
I may consider applying myself just to feel a part of something bigger on tg

Honestly, Paul, you asking me this question is the first every time I've actually paid attention to this top blog. It's a whole MLA Format 2000 word essay I don't really have time to read the whole thing, but whoever enters you do you, have fun! Suffice it to say, I will not be applying for this as I have a full time job to do and a full time school career still partaking, but to the people applying and the revealed cast, good luck! :)

yes, I did apply
Conceptually it's a good and interesting idea, it's been quite some time since we had a game people gave a shit about and this has a chance to be that. It is a looooooot of work to moderate the game and I hope kris and admin know what they're signing up for. I think it comes down to the execution from the hosting team ultimately but kudos to admin for trying and kris for putting in the work

My thoughts on this is while it may be a good idea for a game, there are so many flaws. First off, no spamming? Then it’s not like a Stars game at all it’s just crazy. Second, why is this even sound like a good idea, it generally just sounds like some sort of distraction tactic. Lastly, there are way bigger things for admin to be worrying about besides being in control of some silly game. Focus on the multis or the shop posts I mean come on man, really?

I think its cool that they're doing it! Sounds very interesting. I won't be applying but I wish the best of luck to those that are x

First of all that blog had an awful lot of writing, but I appreciate the effort the host is putting in to it. It's a bit of fun, it creates a buzz around tengaged and gives us something to look forward to which is a nice change. Hopefully it doesn't flop like banned stars did LOL, but I believe in Kris and think he will pull it off!

You enter for free... it sounds like it will be fun... it won't be on your games record so can't mess with your kpg (for people that care about that)... there is no spamming or multi's affecting results... and the host seems very passionate about it being successful so ofc I'm applying and I think everyone else should too, what have you got to lose? =D *Shia LaBeouf voice* "JUST DO IT!"

Also if you wished to be asked questions also comment :)
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Tengaged's Opinionated Players #9 (TOP for short) Aug 13, 2018
This is where I ask commonly known players of tengaged questions about the current events
going on on tengaged. More will be coming.

Q: With more bannings happeneing #maturo, #_Finesse just to name a few recent ones, do you think the admin is actually helping tengaged or is he completely ruining it?

I think that it's ridiculous that so many people get banned out of the blue. I feel like we have right as a community to know who got banned and why, aka a blog with an explanation from Admin wouldn't hurt. I can't really weight in my opinion here, because of the fact that I have no idea why these people got banned.

I think Admin is doing a great job. Since taking charge the users that were caught doing the most foulest of actions were banned or they stopped coming around. It's nice to see users get what they deserve. They want to challenge Admin and look where it gets them. One less problem at a time is how I look at it. I think Tengaged still has a long way to go, but this is a start.

I believe that Admin is attempting to help, but is going about it the wrong way. Granted, these are users that did deserve their bans for reasons (if not the actual ones they were banned for), but there’s much more that should be focused on than the petty things people are receiving bans for, such as #s73100.

I think admin is one of the worst additions to the site. Hacking, the number 1 problem on tengaged followed by multis, is NOT getting addressed asides a couple people that admin is biased against. Admin just needs to leave and we need to have a free tengaged again. People are getting banned for saying inoffensive words over hackers and multis and I'm tired of it.

I think Admin is helping because he seems to know who causes trouble and is mean towards others in ways that are just unacceptable. Admin is doing a great job so far in my opinion. As long as he doesn’t get rid of me or any of my TG friends and blocks us for no reason then Admin is for sure is absolutely brilliant and since Admin has been around, not a lot of abuse has happened nowhere near as much as it was beforehand so I’d say Admin is helping because without Admin situations wouldn’t be getting resolved and nobody would be getting banned even with their behaviour or language being totally not right whatsoever. Good job Admin!

i think he is trying to help but he is very biased and fails to realize certain things even when he is given proof and then threatens to ban users even if they were reported for something they didn't do and it is very annoying and he bans users with no proof at times

Also if you wished to be asked questions also comment :)
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Tengaged's Opinionated Players #8 (TOP for short) Aug 9, 2018
This is where I ask commonly known players of tengaged questions about the current events
going on on tengaged. More will be coming.

Q:What do you think Admin should do about all the hackings recently? With Bryce being banned but still coming back through facebook connect, threatening to leak etc?

Seriously Bryce, take the 4-month vacation already and go outside!  You care too much about a website that you're not welcome in.  Did you even read the blog T-Mod's blog about permanent bans that is on Admin's profile?  It clearly states that anytime someone is permanently banned, which means YOU, you're not welcome back for 4 months, and when Admin catches you, even if it's a year after the ban, you have to wait out the remainder of the 4 months.  Threatening to leak numbers and all that other bullshit you're doing is just plain pathetic, you know it, and for doing it, you once and for all prove that you are a selfish prick.  Do me and everyone else a favor Bryce and GET A LIFE!

Maybe people shouldn't have given up their passwords in the first place... But, Rando could also do more to tighten security. There's work to be done on both ends. Or, ya know, don't give people your password. Lmao

It’s hard to know how far their powers stretch; if it’s to do with coding it could be more down to Rando...who isn’t on a lot. Admin should IP check though if they can and ban accordingly, whilst asking Rando to remove FB connect. Notice how it’s the ‘I have no life’ users doing this???

They should remove facebook connect and honestly IP ban him

I dont think Admin is competent enough to genuinely do something about Bryce. The only person with the actual skills to do this is rando. He needs to remove the broken facebook connect button and place an IP ban on Bryce. As for Bryce, I think for his own mental sanity he needs to stay away from tengaged. He's extremely toxic for the community, and the community is extremely toxic for him.

I think that admin is doing everything he/she/they can to prevent hackers from getting onto the site, but as they have said, they really don’t have the right equipment to do that yet so that’s something that randomize needs to do. As for Bryce, he’s a very sad pathetic little boy. There was a point where he was sane...ish? But all of that went right out the window and now he’s a full on criminal. Every time I see that one of his accounts get banned I cackle because he’s really just a terrible person. He’s not that smart either. Like imagine anybody paying over $50 on a Tengaged account EEK.

Also if you wished to be asked questions also comment :)
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