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Day 3 deaths in The Hunger Games!

Jun 30, 2010 by pablito
imageBoots and Bread. Such lacklustre items, huh. But Yoki obviously had the wit to take on the rest of them. Yoki was strong. Yoki had influence. But most of all Yoki had the sponsors behind her. Yoki made the unfortunate mistake of defending last time even though no one attacked her.

But this time Yoki knew better. Yoki does what Yoki wants. And Yoki wants blooooooood. Yoki went after the first body she could find. She saw one in the distance limping and dragging himself toward the edge of the square. Heh. Easy kill. Put him out of his misery. Yoki knew it could be a trap. So she went slowly. Slowly. Slowly. Heh, the body just stopped. Must be hungry. Poor thing. Let's just get it over with. Yoki put up her foot and went to stomp his skull in. But the body quickly moved and grabbed Yoki's foot. Soon enough Yoki found herself on the ground upside down and someone was pushing her face into the ground. She couldn't breathe. All she knew was that she smelled who it was. It was lilrigler38 that killed her. It was much too late to do anything, but at least she knew her murderer.

Alex1991 had a thirst for blood. He went back to the cornucopia because he knew that's where the action was. He didn't know, but he knew someone else was there. A familiar voice came out...
"Pssst, Alex, I won't attack you if you won't attack me."
"How can I trust you?"
"Because I like Shabby!"
"And I'm like Rachael White!!!"

So the two decided to straighten their hair while the Shabby lover pretended to pine over Caoimhe.

Alex/Rachael started straightening his hair while he thought to himself - how can I really trust her. She watches BBUK, that's one point, but she likes Shabby, that's like half a point only. But at least she doesn't like John James. But I think she's only saying that because she has to fancy him. She likes the tall boys, like Basshunter. But let me think, what would Rachael do. She's very defensive and she doesn't like people get in, so maybe I should defend. But at same time, she'd attack others if she felt she needed to. And she's not one much for disarming. Ugh, ok, I'll defend.

All the while, the hair straightener burned Rachael's hair and then it burned Alex alive.

PrincessTeePee smiled knowing that she outlasted Alex.

Choose now who can get some bread!


Sent by Alex1991,Jun 30, 2010
Sent by CherishFawn,Jun 30, 2010

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