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"No, no, please don't."

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7 years later... May 26, 2015
imageTODAY is my 7th tengaged anniversary despite all my absences.

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If you wonder where I've gone, let me tell you the story of a client* that I've worked with, it may tell you a bit about why I've gone away.

As I've reported before, I'm a counselor of sorts. This kid is an adolescent boy who has witnessed a lot of domestic violence and has experienced bullying a lot in his life. The family knew he was depressed, and he would never do anything he was supposed to. He finally got a computer this year and has learned all about the internet. His dad keeps telling me that he's worried that his kid is using the computer too much and isn't spending time with his sisters at home. Well, the boy has always avoided all issues in his life. Didn't want to see his dad beat up his mom, so he stayed in his room and read books. Didn't want to see his sisters fight all the time, so he watched tv and didn't pay a single moment's notice to what was going around. So for him to be on the computer now on Minecraft and Five Nights at Freddy's or whatnot, it makes sense.  I told his dad this, and he got even more angry and it didn't help their relationship any more. One day I asked the boy "What makes you wake up in the morning?" - he told me "I wake up for the little things in life". It didn't seem like there was an overarching moment or theme for him - and it made it tougher for me to relate anything for him, because there was nothing ever to strive for. It reminded me of those mornings when I'd wake up to set my nominations or go to rookies to spam post. Back then, I woke up for the little things as well, because getting HoH meant everything and real life was on hold. Later on, my client actually told me that he only wakes up for the little things because he never learned how to be inside the world, because the world has always been dangerous. He never learned safety - he had cyberbullies, real bullies, a mom that would insult his looks, a dad that made him fear his family's safety, and sisters that would never give him a peaceful home. He said he would rather let everything pass him by, because nothing else was worth it. Fast forward to today and he now wakes up in the morning for friends and wanting to have a good job and family in the future and he actually smiles now.

So the moral of the story is that I don't stick around here, because it took me a whole year to write this story and I wasted away seven months writing my personal X Factor blog (ask TheGreatXL - he's my co-editor), and I begged on the streets because I quit my job to pursue my dreams and stalk Boyonce all week long, even though I got so many haters, and they also stole all my credit card information so now I'm mad broke. I also got into the percocet trade and became a drug mule to make ends meet. So for me, I wake up in the morning to get celebrities and the general public to notice me, because their attention is worth more than anything else in the world - even more than my financial safety.

So never forget Sarah Smith, ya'll. Never had a dream come true. Go see her at Same Difference Pop Academy - now at Haven Holiday Resorts!

*Details masked for client confidentiality
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chrissyhill01 Jun 21, 2014
Why you log on?

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Yes, I am the oldest actively posting account on tengaged. May 26, 2014
imageTODAY is my 6th tengaged anniversary despite all my absences.

1st game -

5th anniversary post -
4th anniversary post -
3rd anniversary post -
2nd anniversary post -
1st anniversary post -

You know what ONE year on tengaged could get you?

A lifetime of memories of skype conversations, countless laughs from the lads and other prolific bloggers, and at least one frenemy that burned you in that one rookies.

You know what TWO years on tengaged could get you?

Probably TV Star, if that's your thing. Then you get to brag about your level and your muscle. Then you ought to make a pun about some other muscle, while you're at it.

You know what THREE years on tengaged could get you?

Nudes. Cause that's all you guys care about right.

You know what FOUR years on tengaged could get you?

A renewed sense of maturity and a lot of "what the hell was I thinking back then?" Then you realize wow, where did the time go.

You know what FIVE years on tengaged could get you?

Respect and authority that can only be otherwise gained by spamming your way into a stars win. And probably a shop that you're proud of for about two minutes before you get tired of everything tengaged has to offer, so then you find some little corner that you call your own and you stop playing games and just post in your clique/group game/blog circle.

You know what SIX years on tengaged could get you?


FAQ: Yes, I am the oldest "active" user on tengaged. But if you count people playing games, it's not me. I quit that. I'm only here for Tengaged Song Contest. Yes, I have lots of T$ and I use it to slyly gift people that I know pretty well with that money. So if you join TSC and stick around for about forty contests and do a good job, you might find yourself with surprise gifts every once in a while, but not if you ask for it. Yes, I know randomize personally. Why wouldn't I. Yes, I am currently drunk and yes I drink every day when I travel. Yes I speak Spanish, but no "pablito" on .es is not me. Yes, I've met several tengaged people, and yes I was on Grande Irmao with one of them. And finally, yes, I got syphilis from someone on tengaged.

Have fun kids, and stay safe.

Thanks always for being you:
You are all planet.
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For Easter I'm playing this fb app called Journey of Jesus Apr 20, 2014
imageI turned water into wine before and now I'm helping Jesus whip the merchants out of the temple! Look at me smash the merchants' tables!

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eat more Feb 19, 2014
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Check out my new vlog! Feb 10, 2014

Meet my besties in my vlog!!!
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