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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is Cherish. Real name, no gimmicks.

Joined: April 14, 2009

People, writing shit about me:
CherishFawn - I dunno if it's reciprocated but you're a top mert to me now. You're smart and witty and always have something interesting to talk about. You're like the little sister I never had, but I wouldn't want a little sister who talks about wanting to do me and me mates that's just abiv weird. ~BengalBoy

Cherishfawn- most likely my ultimate best friend on tengaged, I love everything about you, your honesty, your sarcasm, just your cherish-ness. I love it <333. thanks for being my best friend. I like to consider you as my tengaged sister :) ~Owee13

I used to stalk your blogs when i needed a good laugh:/ ~Jamhav2417

So I just went back and read a lot of yer blogs, and I laughed more than I have in like a month! You're such an amazing chick. <3 BTW, I like your blogs more than mine. :) ~Sizzle_xD

CherishFawn- Cherish, ifly. Ifly so much. You help me through the crappy times and you're freaking hilarious. We gotta join another rookies soon. <33 ~Sizzle again.

Cherish- When i first met you i didnt really like you at all... Always nominating me and stealing my HOH andeverything like but now that i know you im glad i did because you are an AMAZING person and hopefully we will play again :P ~JetsRock12

Cherish - SHAREEESH! Only know you a little biv through Dru but you're funny and a real cheeky lil thing ya. You and owee will be happily married one day<3 ~White Dav, who's username I will not be arsed to look up. Coulda picked something easier to spell, eh.

Cherishfawn- Yes cherish, you get your description before OWE! =D OMG YOU ARE AMAZING! haha you are funny as hell, your super sweet, you can be sarcastic and funny, You also seem kind of innocent and cute :P. I love talking to you haha you always have the coolest things to say! ^_^ and I love how you "lmfao" at all of my jokes! =D haha you seem like the coolest person to know in rl! Ily! ^_^ ~Chhsfreshman2009

by chhsfreshman2009 5 min ago
my name is whaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt? Yo peeps my name be cherish I am fourteen if yo mess with me ill kick you in the spleen, I may be cute but i can get real mean, if you mess with me, you mess with my sexy friend (me ^_^). I aint no hoe, but i got a baby named owe, hes got a little brother named Brandon, i kinda wanted to name him Landon, yo doesnt that sound cool? so cool makes you look like a fool? Brandon and Landon big bro and little, brandon and landon big bro and little, My name be Cherry cherbaca chewbaca hot girl, and more, if you piss me off ill call you a whore, dont hit yo ass on the way out with the door. My name be my name be my name be CHERISH yoooooooooooooo

So, Cherish. If you're reading this, and you don't know her, first of all stop stalking her profile. Second, get to know this bitch. You will not regret it, srsly. because she is funny and cool and a bitch, but in a good way. and i love her. and she's really nice when she wants/tries to be. and overall. she's just a lovely person and great to talk to whenever you need someone awesome to talk to. and she's just fun. and i luv her even tho i already said that. So, yeah. Cherish. she's pretty fuckin' cool ~Zimdelinvasor

CherishFawn -You're a sarcastic sausage, that's for sure. You're a sound lass though, and you mean no harm. You always look out for your merts. You are BEN! -BengalBoy

CherishFawn: I met you when you came back for your second Tengaged goaround. I called you Linda Manning, for reasons you and I know. I text you usally. You have a crappy life sometimes, but you're still an amazing girl through it all. You should have black level by now, AND I'M GETTING IT BEFORE YOU! Hope you get your Interwebs soon. "This foreign exchange student at my school thinks it's perfectly ok to shit at school." LOLWTF. ~Sizzle.

Sizzle_xD, Owee13, Zimdelinvasor, MaryC. <3

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