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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is MaryC

( -.-)
Here is some things people said about me:
MaryC - Oh, Mary! Where do I begin? One of the absolute NICEST people I've met on here and that can be hard to find. You never said one negative thing throughout the game, and your constant conflicts with Ghoul were definitely a great time. You better talk to me outside this game! :o) Love ya! --ChipotleDude

Gosh. You're a super nice person who I really enjoy talking to. :P
Her bad side is most similar to a unicorn. Because there isn't a bad/mean bone in her body!
Sent by adamdeadmarsh

maryc: you hate coffee. and every time you smell it, you have to spit and scream "bring me tea!" -- dexterie

Mary: I love you so much and you are awesome. I hope we can still be friends :D

mary is the kindest and sweetest person i've met on tengaged in the two years i've been here. :)
You have been the kindest person in this game by far --DoctorWill

Mary: our first game together. You're so cute and cool. Like...everything goes smoothly with you around. I really hope we can play sometime soon again! dexterie,or sex, or cex, or lex. lol

MaryC: Your such a kind and generous lass, and i'm so glad we got the chance to meet. I feel so special to have been included in your coffee breaks ; p Your a real sweetheart <3 Those daughters of yours are so lucky to have a mum as nice ack whenas you :') - Banjo.
You avent got a bad bone in ur whole body miss Mary :*
Sent by Banjo

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