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20 researchers embarked on a journey to Antarctica, hoping to find the legendary organism that haunted researchers past. Yet when they arrived and celebrated their find, the Thing escaped and multiplied its cells and took over a human host. Now, locked in the safe house, the 20 researchers must figure out who is The Thing?
By a score of 60.9 to 45.1, Mantaray7 is the official winner of The thing!!! However, he opted to give cooldude70 his prize money :)

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WINNER: mantaray7
RUNNER UP: cooldude70
3. 01gohan
4. cwmoon
5. dabomb127
6. quarii15
7. weetmaster
8. leighbee101
9. slymore
10. 14hukilc
11. bigbrotherlover1
12. 77sparks77
13. cereal222
14. mrkkkkyle
15. peace123
16. krazyjordan7
17. koolmanmadden
18. benlinus
19. fandler1212
20. mrkkkkyle
21. laidback27
22. dito
23. thegreat

Featured Players 4 playing

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Day 17: The Amazing Race!
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4634 days 6 hours ago

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