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Definitive ranking list of the Olympic rings: #2 Olympic ring

Feb 9, 2014 by pablito
imageAnd the Olympic ring in the runner-up spot is...

Yellow Ring!

Why? Because it's just too symbolic and seen everywhere.

Wedding rings,
Sonic the Hedgehog,
toilet pee stains,
engagement rings from ex-lovers that you didn't care for but felt obligated to say yes to save yourself from embarrassment in front of the other people at the restaurant,
three ring circus,
He got it from Jared,
yellow ring of death on PS3,
class rings,
Beyonce "Halo",
light bulbs,
gas stoves,
smiley faces that have faded into oblivion,
80s christmas tree toppers,
that damn candle ring stain on your bedside table from when you kept it there for when you got into that melted wax fetish and forgot to put a candle plate,
crayon suns made by 2 year olds,

and gold medals that have been ironically bitten into during AP press photographs.

#3: Green Ring

#4: Blue Ring

#5: Red Ring


Sent by massgustavo95,Feb 9, 2014

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