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TSC: Record of the Year 2013.

Jan 12, 2014 by pablito
imageWant to help play a game to determine the top song of 2013? Read the rules below and let me know if you want to play! Join our group and read about it and ask me questions if necessary - .

Record of the Year contest is coming back in 2013! All credit to the contest idea goes to the amazing and unstoppable AlphaBravo. This contest will feature CHARTED songs only! You may have already heard many of these songs, and that's what will make this contest unique. After the "Record of the Year" competition, the TSC: Best Ofs will follow during some time in February - hosted by Tolis.

Current tentative schedule:
First Live show - Saturday 18th January about 2pm EST/7pm GMT.
Finals - if required - TBD

The theme for this contest is "Record of the Year". Simple as that - we want to find out which popular song this year is tops to the ears of TSC contestants. Your song must have charted as a single in the top singles charts during 2013. It must also have been first released and charted during 2013. As there is a high likelihood of others picking the same song or artist, please send a back-up song (or two or three) if you do not think you can check your tengaged mail daily. I will update (when I can) a running list of artists already used. There will be a full week allowed for entries to be submitted.

For this special contest - Your song must:
- Have charted Top 20 US/Top 20 UK on the singles chart during 2013 (but not prior).
- Be 5:00 in length or shorter
- Have been released between January 1st 2013 and December 31st 2013.
- Have a YouTube video that is embed enabled.
- Be of studio-quality recording ONLY.
- Have first charted in 2013.

- You may use any artist, as long as no one has picked that artist for this contest already. Artists will be distributed first come, first serve.

All submissions that are received as of Saturday 18th of January by 1pm EST/6pm GMT will be eligible to play as long as they meet the above rules. The earlier you submit the song, the more likely I can check your song to ensure if it fits the rules. If you leave your submission until late, there will be a chance that your song will NOT be allowed because it does not fit the eligibility criteria and I will not have time to tell you to change it. If you're not sure if it's eligible, just send it to me and I'll tell you if it works.

During the live show, all songs will be posted. You are NOT allowed to share with anyone which video you submitted. We want the SONG to win on its own merit, not because of the person who selected it. As such, there will be some measures to ensure that there is no vote-arranging or cheating. Once videos are all posted, players are encouraged to comment on each song to demonstrate that they have listened to each song and therefore can judge each song fairly. You must submit your votes prior to deadline. I will give you several reminders to do so. No exceptions will be made. If you do not want to take on these responsibilities, please do not submit a song.

Reminder: Do not reveal which song you picked and do not discuss your votes with other contestants prior to final results being revealed. This will help ensure that songs will win on their own merits.



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