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Let's have a party! Let's make videos!

Sep 17, 2013 by pablito

phanne zurks and I are getting together this weekend to have our pets do video recreations of Tegan and Sara videos. phanne doesn't want to do Tegan and Sara, but oleary91 told zurks that we have to and she listens to him. Alex1991 is going to be the film director, btw and chrissyhill01 is our executive producer.

I hear there will be a cameo for fortune cat.

Any other suggestions for videos we should have our pets make?

bibbles you have a pet you want /in for?


oh heyy
Sent by karim,Sep 17, 2013
tbh you guys probably could make this interesting if you really did it
Sent by konohavillage1,Sep 17, 2013
Sent by Insanity,Sep 17, 2013
I can't wait for Zurks to meet my dog, so she can stop chasing random cats and she can start chasing random dogs.
Sent by pablito,Sep 17, 2013
u coming to hawkins house tonight
Sent by berddragon,Sep 18, 2013
yh, should I bring anything?
Sent by pablito,Sep 18, 2013
well i did have a dog, a golden retriever, she would have loved to make a video. we have a gerbil at school called flash, he used to have a buddy called gordon, thats why hes called flash!! hes not shy at all, so he would probably be a real star in a video pablito!!
Sent by bibbles,Sep 18, 2013
awwww...flash and gordon!
Sent by pablito,Sep 19, 2013

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