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Tengaged Song Contest 146!

13thNov 3, 2013 by pablito
image[Official TSC146 Mailer]

TSC146 "Live Show" will take place about 2:40pm EST/7:40pm GMT WEDNESDAY and must end by 4:00pm EST/9:00pm GMT - so the remaining songs may be posted in succession if time begins to fade or if no one is live commenting.

TSC146 "Results Show" will take place about 3:00pm EST/8pm GMT SUNDAY right after The X Factor results show finishes.

To submit a song, you have THREE options:

1) Skype me at username: ricowac
2) Email me at
3) Use this link to submit:

For a song to be eligible it must:
Not have ever been on either the Top 20 US/Top 10 UK Singles Chart.
Not have ever been featured on a Top 5 US/UK album
Be 5:00 in length or shorter (you will incur a one point penalty for each second over 5:00)
Not be by an artist used in TSC136-145 (use the TSC History thread or the google doc link:  )
Not have been used in a previous TSC or TSCb.
Have a YouTube video that is embed-enabled.
Be a studio recording ONLY.
Not be a cover versions or obvious samples.
Not be a song that have been performed at Eurovision.
Have been released as of 1 January, 2005 or later (you will incur a two point penalty for each year between the release date and 2005).

All submissions that are received as of Wednesday 6pm GMT (1pm EST) will be eligible to play as long as they meet the above rules. The earlier you submit the song, the more likely I can check your song to ensure if it fits the rules. DUE TO MAIL SYSTEM BEING DOWN - THIS IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED. If you leave your submission until late, there will be a chance that your song will NOT be allowed because it does not fit the eligibility criteria and I will not have time to tell you to change it. On Wednesday, I will have limited opportunity to check, so please submit early if you are not sure if it meets the rules.

Please remember that if you submit a song, you are also responsible for commenting on every song after it's posted and submitting your votes before the deadline. Please take these responsibilities seriously and take the time and effort to listen to each song in its entirety and write relevant comments on each song and submit your votes before deadline. If you do not want to take on these responsibilities, please do not submit a song. Penalties apply for those that do not submit comments or votes.

EDIT: added andalarew and konoha due to mailing situation last contest.



++ !!!!
Sent by kimmal8,Nov 3, 2013
Something important cMe up I can't do it
Sent by ericdiz2134,Nov 3, 2013
pablito 444444 I sent you an email and a tinyurl. The email is super important. < 3
Sent by NerdBird44,Nov 3, 2013
No worries, ericdiz2134 Just let us know when you'd like to play again.

NerdBird44 I saw your email.
Sent by pablito,Nov 3, 2013
Sent by jaxmk12,Nov 3, 2013

does this mean i am able to play this contest??? or did u add me because of jury LOL so confused
Sent by andalarew_2231,Nov 3, 2013
andalarew_2231 I'm giving you a chance to play in tsc146 because the whole mailing system is still messed up, so it's not entirely your fault. As long as you promise to comment/vote before deadline.
Sent by pablito,Nov 3, 2013

Sent by Insanity,Nov 3, 2013
444444, 888888, 232323, 123789, 128728 all confirmed.

Later on I'll post usernames in case you forgot your numbers.
Sent by pablito,Nov 4, 2013
oh well i guess i'll compete
Sent by konohavillage1,Nov 4, 2013
Loooooooooool. this is a top blog
Sent by TolisKalkas,Nov 4, 2013
Sent by pablito,Nov 4, 2013

hope i did it right pablito
Sent by bibbles,Nov 4, 2013

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