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TSC: Record of the Year 2013

13thJan 14, 2014 by pablito
imageHelp determine what is the song of the year for 2013! There was so much good music in 2013, and we need your help in our song contest! Join the game today to participate by posting ONLY your name below and you will be sent a PM to join "Record of the Year 2013" contest.

Instructions will follow in the PM and can also be found in:

Who performed the single of the year for 2013? Was it Lady Gaga? Katy Perry? Sam Bailey? One Direction? Or someone else? You decide!

Tengaged Song Contest is Tengaged's longest running group game in the style of Eurovision Song Contest. Each participant anonymously picks a song, then we all vote and provide points to the songs that we like. After all the totals have been counted, we'll have our overall winner after about two weeks of this game!

Join today and send in who YOU think had the best single of 2013!

PM pablito or post your name below to get more information. Do not reveal which song you want to choose.

List of artists no longer eligible to be selected here:


love the ad pablito
Sent by bibbles,Jan 14, 2014
Sent by Temeky,Jan 14, 2014
me as one direction
Sent by krys2315,Jan 14, 2014
krys2315 please read my pm. Also one direction was already taken
Sent by pablito,Jan 14, 2014
2013 is over
Sent by Zuelke,Jan 14, 2014
Sent by garrievans97,Jan 14, 2014
I honestly don't give a crud, but Within Temptation's newest song (Paradise [What About Us?]) was by far my favorite.
Sent by Booyahhayoob,Jan 14, 2014
Sent by LoyalLestrange,Jan 14, 2014
Can I have Lorde
Sent by krys2315,Jan 14, 2014
We The Kings - Just Keep Breathing
Sent by william3,Jan 14, 2014
Me as Mariah Carey
Sent by BigBrotherFan132,Jan 14, 2014
Sent by acyuta,Jan 14, 2014
me as eminem
Sent by acyuta,Jan 14, 2014
Nice ad!
Sent by Diva1,Jan 15, 2014
Honestly bro JT and eminem r the only two talented ones out of the group on ur ad
Sent by MikeBoogie123,Jan 15, 2014
I don't even listen to any of those five.
Sent by pablito,Jan 15, 2014
I think imagine dragons did the best.
with radioactive!! &lorde with royals.
Miley,and the others are all untalented.
Sent by sebastian89,Jan 15, 2014
I'd like to join
Sent by andrewvaughan17,Jan 15, 2014
Me as Jessie J
Sent by Admir,Jan 15, 2014
Me as Amelia Lily
Sent by MaryMcMaster,Jan 16, 2014
justin n me
Sent by Mattfreeds132,Jan 16, 2014
Sent by LockerAmi,Jan 16, 2014
Sent by cheese666,Jan 16, 2014
Sent by carterbehne,Jan 16, 2014
Me Tegan And Sara
Sent by lassidoggy,Jan 16, 2014
miley is verry ugly
Sent by Armand_Gira,Jan 17, 2014

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